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RSI? Ouch!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by es, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. 1:46 and now my whole arm is fuct!
  2. pfft thats only 10seconds mor than my first attempt :LOL:
  3. lol I don't think so! you barely broke a minute :p
  4. no, i got 1.36.
  5. Nah I remember you half assed it. You might have been looking at the milliseconds. It was under 1:10.

    Try again and post the score ;)
  6. ah ok then
    maybe later - finally watching S2 Stargate Atlantis.
  7. Holy crap.... i got 1.57 OUCH!!
  8. 1:55:28 OUCH MY ARM!! Damn you Eswen
  9. ive been playing the bugs game in between atlantis... that game rocks!!!
  10. Eswen, now try it with your wrist in a cast!!!!

  11. Showoff!!
  12. ah but you havent seen the highest scores yet :LOL:!!
  13. 2:06.

    See if I can get a record. :)
  14. Or not... the game appears to have stopped recognising my clicks. Maybe I broke my mouse. :(
  15. For a second there I thought you said the game had stopped recognising your "clicks".
  16. i read something else entierly :LOL:
  17. Out of the gutter, guys, out of the gutter. :p