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... RSI from using clutch??...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tweetster, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. ... was on the 600 for a few hours yesterday.. and towards the end of the ride my fricking left hand was giving me crap!! Each time I pulled in the clutch, I got a sharp pain near the wrist .. *wince*. Got to the point where I wanted to avoid changing gears if I could....

    Never got this on the 250, so assume that it's due to the set up of the 600.

    Anyone else had this ?.... any tips??... or will it improve over time??...

    HTFU??... yeah, yeah! :cheeky:
  2. learn to clutchless shift?
  3. Try repositioning the clutch lever up or down.

    With the bracket loose enough to move but not under its own weight, sit on the bike and let it move on its own while working the lever, I'll bet it will move all by itself to a position that suits YOUR hand, most prob down a fraction ??

    Most levers are set a fraction too high making you unconsciously lift your fingers higher putting more stress on tendons etc.

    Its one of the 1st things I do after getting a new bike, adjust all the levers to what is good for me , Clutch , front and rear brake levers.
  4. powerball gyroscope

    they are amazing. get one
  5. When I started riding the gixxer I had the same problem , (b had put heavy duty springs in the clutch basket) . I wear one of those wrist supports ( also work well to keep hands warm :) ) and am now use to the heaviness and coping :)
    So You will get use to it .. Just takes time and patience or a huge cup of concrete :p
  6. I had the same problem on a 150cc chinese bike. My wrist simply got stronger over time or the clutch got weaker over time and I no longer had an issue.
  7. Wrist and hand -strengthening exercises...
    Although I'm not sure how you girls go about that ;)
  8. The thing with RSI is you dont want to be straining more, repeatedly.

    If you keep doing what youre doing, RSI gets worse over time.

    You really should consult a hand and wrist specialist - no offence guys but internet advice for this kind of thing isnt a good idea.

    You will probably need to examine the angles in which you are using the force of your fingers, hand position, thumb leverage etc.

    Clutchless shifting is a good start certainly. Cant go wrong with letting your left hand rest.
  9. Hydraulic clutches are the shiz, dunno why they don't put them on all bikes.

    You have a few different options.

    * check all your lever's set ups as per Bob's post. If you don't know what you're doing come back to us.

    * Learn your clutch's slipping point and only use as much clutch as you need instead of pulling it all the way to the bar. Note - you don't need much and it smooths out your changes.

    * Practice clutch-less gear changes. You don't have to use them all the time but it's a very handy skill to have and will teach you how to use your gearbox better.

    * Learn to use your revs and not your gearbox. I'll bet you a thousand dollars and a speeding ticket you ride your 600 like it's a twofiddy. They didn't give it 14,000 revs for shits n giggles so use them.

    * You rode for a few hours yesterday and I'm guessing that's unusual. So go and ride more.

    * Use your left hand when wanking to build up the muscles and endurance.
  10. Pretty sure Tweetster is of the female persuasion Chef and they use a slightly different style , unless she has a BF to practice the technic on ?

    :popcorn: :bolt:
  11. I know mate...

    ...but there's more than one way to wank a cat bro ;)
  12. A : it isn't RSI after one occurrence, but it is the best way to describe the sensation. I have experienced it on every new bike I've had until I make the adjustments I referred too

    B: As I said, by adjusting the levers changes the angles and hand position thus 90% of the time alleviating the problem.

    C: Clutchless shifting is ok if you can do it [ some don't want too ]

    Not having a go at you gixxer :) and if the problem persists yeah go see someone about it, but not on the 1st occurrence.

    Could also come down to riding position on the new steed as well.
    I personally had to give bikes away for 12 months due to this problem on a bike I persisted with.
  13. When i first got on the 250 the clutch was all set up wrong. Once i lowered it, adjusted the lever a little closer to the handlebar, and then adjusted it so the friction point was right out at the end so i only had to move the tip about 1cm to change gear - though a little more to disengage the clutch completely - it was like magic.
    Hopping onto the next bike is going to need lots of adjusting, levers first, suspension second, my ass third.
    (P.S. I put a deposit down on a 2009 STrumpet yesterday :D. Cant go pick it up just yet though lol...).
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  14. Edit: Nothing to see here move along
  15. My bike has from the factory,THE HEAVIEST CLUTCH known to man.Its a Laverda.Does yours have a dog leg lever,they help a lot if you have small hands.Is it a cable clutch or Hydo.If a cable buy a new cable and if its not nylon lined give it a good lube with a light machine oil.Fit it with the biggest loops you can.On some bikes its possible to make and fit an extended bottom clutch arm,a kit is available for Laverdas,I wish that was possible on my Pantah but sadly no.If its a Hydo there are kits available for some bikes,Ducati for sure that have a 20% reduction in lever effort,with all of these lever reduction mods you do lose effective lever action.What that means is a longer friction point and in some cases
    its hard to adjust out clutch drag.Its worth adding a bit of grease to your lever pivot and flushing the fluid.One last tip that has saved me a lot of pain is when your at the point of not being able to pull it in once more try putting your thumb beside your fingers instead of under the bar,it makes your grip stronger.BTW I am a carpenter builder who has reasonably strong hands and before I did some of these mods I had the same trouble.Hardest cable clutchs I have used in Order,Laverda,Pantah and a Montesa,all were like crushing golf balls
  16. Oh shit, missed the completely obvious!

    Lube your clutch cable!!!

    While you're there do your brakes and your throttle cables as well.
    Hell, go nuts and lube your brake levers (front and back), clutch lever, and gear shift.

    lube, lube, lube, lube
  17. ......:-#
  18. ... yeah!!.... I know his friction point... thanks!!....:-w. (although it can catch you by surprise sometimes!)....8-[
  19. ... thanks everyone for the replies!.... yeah Chef, I did used to TRY and ride the 600 like the 250, but not so much now...( it was all I had as comparison!)..

    It was a long ride yesterday... I was on her today with no probs, but it was different riding... I do need to do some more long rides on her....

    will see what Mr Mechanic (grange) can do with the lube!!....:D

    Kitt... thanks... will consider that.. :)