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VIC RSC Submission review: Dear RACV - go and get lost.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/im...safety/Submissions/44-67/65_RACV_20092011.pdf

    Well, right off the bat RACV falls flat on it's face. I'm a member and I have a motorbike - they say they have 2000 members with bikes - they aren't counting me. How do they know who has a bike... I think that's just a shoddy long bow they've drawn to give them some cred in the RSC.

    "It is well established that motorcyclists are consistently overrepresented in the Victorian crash statistics and with an increasing uptake of motorcycles, it is difficult to foresee a change in these trends unless action is taken to improve the safety of motorcycling." <sigh> Mofo's, we've halved the fatality rate! That's a stunning result! Motorcycling is safer than ever. This is just more blame the rider kind of thinking... doesn't bode well for the tenor of the submission.

    RACV Capture pg1.
    OMG, RACV, massive fail in stats and mathematic comprehension. If the overall road toll was reducing and motorcycling kept apace and remained at 13 - 14% of this for the five years... then surely the motorcycling fatality rate was reducing too? Massive fail. And here's another crowd quoting the percentage as some self evident case that something must be done. How can these people be so dense?

    RACV Capture pg2.
    Flaming muppets. Any increase of any road user on the roads results in an increase in risk profile. Cars increased by 23% in the last decade... where's the bleating about that?? What a crock.

    ...I see that the RACV is totally behind the GLS changes... despite most of the changes aimed at reducing riding exposure... oh, I see what they've done there. MUPPETS!!

    How dare they call to drop the cross subsidy in the TAC charge when it's motorists that represent one of the greatest hazards to riders?!? And especially when they're getting the reduced crash benefit from our levy treated black spot roads?!? Blood boiling now. cnuts.

    So much more to comment on, so little cool to be able to do it. I'm truly disapointed in the RACV submission. It's abysmal and fails to seize an opportunity to partner up to work towards improved road safety for all.

    Sooo disappointed.
  2. Not so long ago didn't a Liberal Minister tell the RACV to stay out of politics and focus on bringing value to it's members?

    Good advise.
  3. http://www.racv.com.au/wps/wcm/conn...agement/board+of+directors/board+of+directors

    9 years at Vicroads. He was Chairman and CEO just after a time they were openly anti-motorcycling. He's been the CEO of the RACV since then.
  4. Probably because it's recent board(s) have been closely aligned with the Vic Labor Right.

    They're a nasty bunch of rent-seeking f#ckers. I hope Wigan can look after himself.
  5. I've never heard that term before.

    I think that's about spot on, particularly when you look at the land and assets they possess, and their desire to control and manipulate the roads.

    Their every customer is a member model is a stroke of genius, they can rightly say they represent thousands of members.
  6. Would it be fair to say that the RACV is representing the insurance arm of the organisation?
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  7. I'm in the US currently for a family funeral, but I'll be canceling my RACV membership when I get back.
  8. yeah - I've got Total Care, but the rego I've got recorded with them is Yvonne's car. Beats me how they know how many motorcycle members they've got

    what's a good alternative for bike breakdown and recovery? Ignoring the politics I don't know how you'd beat Total Care
  9. If we feel the need to hit back (and I do ) we riders could boycott the RACV

    If you have car insurance with RACV cancel It
    if you have home insurance with RACV cancel it
    and if you have bike insurance with RACV (and why the fu@k would you) cancel it

    Put the word out on other forums and boycott the pricks "
  10. Only thing I have with RACV is roadside assistance (total care). There isn't really an alternative service available from anyone else.
  11. Don't cancel the roadside assistance - there isn't much alternative. But if you have any other dealings, shop around and find an alternative (then write and let them know why you're changing).

    The RACV is no longer a "motoring" organisation but a self-serving business. I doubt that it actually cares about the roadside service side except as a means to channel customers into insurance and it's other business.
  12. I agree stay with the roadside assistance but cancel all insurance and let them know why . Drive the point home they are seen as a anti motorcycling organization .
  13. Henceforth, it shall be called the Royal Anti-Motorcycle Club of Victoria in my presence.

    I noticed MA Riders Division was offering roadside assistance (booth at the GP expo). Any info around about this? I'd be prepared to wait a bit longer for rescue if it meant supporting the right crew.
  14. Bikes only??

    I currently have a policy that covers me no matter what I'm driving (not sure if that includes riding...) and our car, no matter who's driving it.
  15. I'm thinking more for their cars - a lot of riders I know have excellent bikes and pretty basic cars and really need it... :)

  16. No money in that.

    Maybe a more effective protest would be for every bike rider who is with RACV to break down at the same time every day for a week.
  17. A lot of manufacturers are offering free roadside assistance now (GMH for example), which doesn't help those of us with old crappers. But it will eventually eat into RACVs base, and if I were only with them for the bike cover, I would give MA a go. I may, anyway.
  18. Apparently some beigos think that having roadside assistance is more important than being able to ride motorcycles in Victoria. **** that. My email to RACV:

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  19. Just to clarify the Roadside Assistance package the Australian Riders' Division of MA offers:

    This is a basic package tailored to the needs of motorcyclists who have broken down, got a puncture, run out of fuel, etc. Those little common things that can really ruin your day!

    For the $39 membership fee you get: 2 call-outs per year; up to 50kms free transport; fuel if you need it; jump start if you need it.

    For those seeking higher levels of coverage there are providers other than RACV out there who are every bit as good - you just need a bit of google-foo.

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  20. As one of the few riders who actually attended all three days of the hearing (because my business allows me that flexibility) I sat through the RACV presentation and after they had finished I went outside and spoke to them.

    Here is what I said:

    Here are the questions that the RSC asked them:

    Q. Are there any motorcycle riders on the RACV Board?
    Ans. None that they are aware of.

    Q. Why don't the RACV recommend post licence trg?
    Ans. Car driver evidence demonstrates that overconfidence is the result. There is some comparative evidence reflecting the same applies for motorcycle riders.

    Q. Do you recommend Hi Vis Clothing?
    Ans. Sounds like a good idea. But we would need to see the evidence.

    Q.Car design? Have the positioning and design of pillars made it harder to see motorcycle riders?
    Ans. Yes. [Note here that inability of car drivers to see M/C was a hot topic for all three days].

    So, there you have it. The RACV sent two non-riders. One a Psychology specialist to advise on something which that hadn't really taken much time to properly prepare for - and it showed. The girl who presented read directly from her submission and essentially wasted much of the committees time IMHO.

    Thankfully, the VMC and Ulysses submissions came after the RACV. Rob gave an excellent presentation. He presented evidence and facts - countered the RACV statement and brought things into their proper perspective. Tony was able to back that up as the final presenter.=D&gt;

    I really enjoyed attending the hearings and feel very grateful that I had the flexibility to be there as an observer for all three days. The Hearing Committee demonstrated a very good understanding of what has been presented to them over the three days. And it showed in the quality of the questions they asked.

    Hope this feedback is of value.
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