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RS250/ RGV250 performance rebuilds

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by T_terror, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. Hey all.

    Im still a few thousand kays off my first rebuild with the RS250.

    Just curious as to what options there are into performance rebuilds.

    Higher compression ratio, race style exhaust, big-bore kit?

    Ive heard of a few things, keen to hear some more.

    Please do tell :)
  2. Depends what your into....Road or Track
    If you want reliabillity and a long lasting motor just rebuild it with stock parts.
    Not really a good idea to run a highly strung 2 stroke the road, it will need to be rebuilt very often!
    Check out that site if you haven't already, there's some good information.
  3. http://www.stanstephens.com/

    These guys come very highly recommended by me they will supply formula 3 spec barrels and heads which will give you a 600 super bike eater go the wail mate
  4. Unless your racing on the track, and willing to wear extremely short engine lifespan forget any of the overbore kits...

    Have a search for the Colin Skillcorn mod - which involves some headwork (an oring installation), with a aftermarket exhaust this seems to produce some very reliable and streetable power.


  5. Yeah i remember reading soemthing about a "Colin mod" on the UK forums, but didnt know wat the hell it was