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RS250 / RGV250 or go for a bigger bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by outtalive, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. Hey, this is my first post on these forums and was hoping you guys could sling me some upgrade advice.

    I've been on the GPX250 for a few months now and with my upgrade only about 12 months ahead I'm not sure which way to go. I guess the factors to consider are my budget - only up to around $7000 (being a pov student even that's probably pushing it) - and the sort of riding I do: commuting to work via punt road and through albert park and the occasional jaunt to see my mates: down the south eastern or dandenong rd.

    In terms of performance I guess I wanna go for something that accelerates quickly, runs smooth in speeds between 70 and 120 and doesn't require too much maintenance outside of oil and tyres.

    So that leaves me thinking should I go for something like a "racier", two stroke 250: RGV/RS/NSR? or is a a 98 CBR600 or 95 CBR900 gonna be better value? I've seen a few CBR600's around for the $7K ish mark with about 30000ks on em, would I still get a few years out of one of these?
    Similarly there are some nice looking 95 CBR900's with about 45000Ks for the same kinda price.

    Sorry about the broad questions, any advice you guys could give would be appreciated.
  2. Gday and welcome!

    Just to clairfy are you off your restrictions? Or is this the upgrade you are looking to make when you come off restrictions?
  3. bike

    Just to clairfy are you off your restrictions? Or is this the upgrade you are looking to make when you come off restrictions?[/quote]

    8) thats the key factor,if u dont have restrictions mate,i would look for a 600cc. 8)
  4. Assunming your off you restrictions go for the bigger bike. A 95 blade would be a great choice. If your still on restrictions and dont have lots of spoondooly id stay away from the 2 strokes. They are awesome, fun bikes, but can let you down with no notice. Altho not terribly expensive to fix you might find it hard digging up $1000 if something does go wrong. Id stick with your GPX until your off your restrictions. Dont spend any money trying to make it go fast, just spend bare minimum to keep it on the road and safe.
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys.
    Yea, I'm still currently restricted but after 12 months on Ps am open to upgrade.
    Anyone heard anything bad about 95 Blades ? I know jap bikes are generally bulletproof ;) but just wanted to make sure they weren't a bad batch or something. Anyone know if there's something I should look out for in particular with that type of bike?

    Same deal with 98 CBR600s - any advice on those?
  6. I'd agree with what the others have said. Save your money to upgrade to a bigger bike and dont bother spending money to upgrade the GPX. GPX's can go alright, you just have to rev them! They go! They quite happily rev to redline... I was in your exact situation last year. Even if you spent money on the GPX it wouldnt be worth it. And if you are after something that doesnt require much maintenence I would avoid the two strokes.

    For what its worth, a friend from works friend has an older CBR600 with over 100,000km on it (he used it as a courier over in the UK), looks like a bag of s$%t because hes crashed it a few times but the motor is as good as gold.

    Pre- '01 model CBR600s have the advantage of good pillion seats (and rear grab handle), centre stands for easy maintainence, plus carbys which have more to play with without the expense of the modern fuel injected models. Id recommend one. Apart from being taller in the seat height, easier to ride than the GPX too. I cant comment on a fireblade though. Never riden one.
  7. You can't go wrong with a CBR! I'd say look at the 600 since the extra CCs are that necessary.
  8. I suppose i would lean towards a fireblade if you were planning on doing a lot of 2 up riding. I think the blades are slightly more fuel efficient too as there is so much excess power and you tend to short shift in general riding... But i would have to confirm that with someone that had owned both. Thats just what the shop told me once... Nic (i think it is) at redwing honda is good to chat to about those two models.
  9. Was never really thinking about moding the gpx, it does the job and since it doesn't look too pretty I wouldn't be heartbroken if I dropped it ;)

    From the sounds of things a CBR600 could be a good way to go, the 98+ models tend to look pretty nice too in terms of colours and fairing design and I'm not planning on doing much, if any two-up riding so that's another reason that the extra 300CCage wouldn't be necessary.

    Some of the older models (96ish) come in pretty gross colours: aqua and purple etc but are priced pretty nicely. Can anyone recommend a good respray joint in the melbourne area? Even if a spray cost $800 or so it'd still be worth it to put together quite a nice bike under budget.
  10. i recently bought a aprilia rs250 and its great, i get about 180k from a tank (Around $10) and have to put more 2 stroke in at about every 500k's, its a bit of a hassle sometimes but its worth it bike wise. Be smart, Buy a 2 banger :D
  11. What Jaek said... they're loads of fun! I just bought an NSR250 and topping up with quality 2 stroke oil (Motul 600 baby!) every now and then is not that much of a hassle.
  12. Two strokers definately have their appeal - relatively cheap to buy and pack a bit of punch compared to their 4 stroke counterparts - however I do keep hearing that they're costly to run.
    Is it just for the extra oil? or are we talking constant trips to the mechanic?
  13. 2 strokes are great fun. But like you said, you use your bike for on a daily basis. I wouldnt get a 2stroke for an everyday bike. Depending on how hard you ride, but they usually need a rebuild around 20k. Mates of mine have had then needing rebuilds after 8000km if you scream them all the time. 600 would be the go, keep it serviced and it will last you 4 ever. With my experiance cbr or zx6 if you plan on keeping it for a long time, R6's are great if you can find a cheap one in good condition.