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rs250 dyno 56.2rwhp

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GO.250, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. I got a dyno run on monday. It pulled 56.2hp at about 150km does this sound dodgy? The intake temp was about 25 degrees and bike temp about 50 degrees (the bike always runs cool.) Now the engine is standard and the exhaust is standard. I cant copy the reading cos my scanner is buggered but if you pm a mobile i can send the 1st run at 54.5hp :) anyone got a cheap aftermarket exhaust ?

  2. Sounds about right to me for a stock bike.
  3. yep sounds about right dude, my cbr250rr puts out 42.5hp, mines got an aftermarket exhaust, with k&n air filter, and rejetting mods
  4. Isn't the rs250 a two stroke. I would have thought it would put out a bit more then that. I think its on the banned list for L and P platers in NSW
  5. Aprilia state 55hp, at the crank, for a stock RS250. The OP is getting 56hp at the rear wheel, so he'd have to be pretty happy with that.

    Of course, dynos aren't always the most accurate things in the world with a fair amount of variation from one dyno to the next.
  6. Yes and yes. But it's fine for a learner to ride in Victoria.

    Sounds right on the money. Can't wait to hear how much more you get with an aftermarket expansion chamber, silencer, jets and filters.

    50 degrees sounds a bit cool even for a two stroke. I'd have thought about 60-70 would be about right. Four strokes run warm-hot for fuel efficiency, but two strokes are only about going fast and making as mmuch power as possible.
  7. Top stuff dude. Yeh I plan on doing a dyno and re-jet before track day will be interesting to see what I get at the rw. I just found out I got the sapc 22d30. Lucky cos at the time I had no idea which rgv to buy :)
  8. I agree, 50 degrees is a little cool. I hear that for optimal performance, temp should be around 55-65. Above that temp u start losing power.

    56.2hp seems a little bit low, the prillas got the same rgv engine, and is more tuned, not sure why it doesnt pull as much power. Maybe got more of a low/mid range.

    Aftermarket pipes work a treat, they not only add hp (approx 5-10hp), but knock of about 7kgs. Thats a huge gain
  9. You have to remember with the >>>> aftermarket expansion chambers with nrma it will void all insurance<<<< theres a big grey area in the Product Disclosure Book. In the book it states you can have a aftermarket exhuast but no mention of expansion chambers.Go into the store on the computer, it still mentions the exhuast; but states will void all insurance when aftermarket expansion chambers are fitted.
    As for aftermarket expansion chambers tyga is far by the cheepest .But i would like to get a set of Jolly motos.Arrows are not the cheepest but have a almost perfect power curve and the power curve on the tygas are not that smooth but make a higher peak power.For the moment im getting made up some mufflers.Ive got 2 sets coming (One 3in dia 325mm long and outlet of 1in; And the other the same diamentions but with a out let of 1/1/4in.) Then ill throw them on and see if my a/f changes and the power change the hardest part will being trying to replicate the 1st day i whent in :( ill keep you posted. Whats the best oil to run in the rs currently im running repsol but its fouling the plugs. Ive used motul in a RGV VJ21 and had no troubles.The guy in shop dyno shop recommended sikoline? (hes never had a seizure using it) but said if i used motul stick to it but he hasnt used it before. Has anybody on the forums got a RS/VJ22 with after market pipes in sydney pm me if you do
  10. Your RGV puts out more power at the rear wheel on the same dyno on the same day? :shock:

    Comparing dyno results is a bit tricky, as there can be huge differences in dyno readouts. Conditions on the day obviously have an effect too. I'd say 56RWHP is pretty decent for a stock bike. Better than a poke in the eye. :)