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RS250 Barrel/Cylinder Cost?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Skinny, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've got a fresh reco'd barrel sitting around from my sold RS250 that I should get rid of. It's been bored, Nikasil'd and stored away.

    What's a fair price to put on it? I've really got no idea, I remember it costing quite a few hundred when I got it done.

  2. Try Ebay and let the market decide?
  3. Ill be looking to eBay when it comes to listing it but
    I'd still like an estimate.
  4. Best bet might be to ring round the wreckers/specialists to see what a good, used barrel will cost. Regardless of how much you've got in it, it's unlikely that anyone will pay much more than they could get something else useable for, so you'll get some idea of a reasonable ceiling.
  5. Wreckers will give you a price that they think is fair, and it most likely will be higher than what it will fetch on eBay.

    If you've got hte matching piston that the nikasil was replated to then it will be worth close to the cost of the replating job. Did the chamfer the edges around the ports?
  6. Worth? Yes, sure. But then you've got to find a buyer who is prepared to pay that much, rather than what a useable used barrel will cost them. Given that cheapskates outnumber folk who'll pay for a good job by a good 100 to 1 you may have a long wait for such a buyer to turn up.

    No harm in trying, of course, but you need to be realistic about when you'll actually see the money.
  7. Good to see you noticed my choice in words :p
  8. Remember my brothers fresh RS125 barrel was worth around $500 or so shipped from Britain, and thats the cheapest we could find. Performed very well, too.

    Hope thats at least some indication!

    Cheers - boingk
  9. Thanks for the indicator Boingk, thats about my ballpark.