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rs125 wont start.....why

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by TheRealDaniel, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. so my bike will not turn over! Why not?
    Battery is charged , set to on position, neutral

    I got nothing

  2. it's probably done a johnson rod. very common.
  3. thats nice
    A what the hell is that and B how do I fix it?
  4. You get the parts from the VW radiator joint, and secure it with a skyhook.
  5. cruel but funny Joel. :LOL:

    I now know know I need more skyhooks in my life. Would sort out so many of my problems.
  6. Thanks for nothing fool!
  7. (Psst, he may be hinting that you need to tell us a little more about the bike!)

    It's as they say - Garbage in, garbage out. You give nothing, you get nothing.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. yep!
  10. u need 3 things.....spart compression fuel....one of these is missing...1st and easiest thing to do is check for spark...pull the spark plug out,,and plug it back into the coil..ie rubber /plasitic cap..rest it against the engine and try starting the bike again...u should see the spark plug fire..if not change it and go again...if there is spark most likely fuel..pull carb off and clean it...tell me when u have done that..
  11. I think the issue is that it won't turnover, not that it will turn over but not fire...

    So you'd be looking at starter motor, cabling, switches and power issues etc...depends if it engages but doesn't spin or if there's just nothin'.

    But as identified it's a bit hard to tell with such limited info.
  12. I assume this is an Aprilia rs 125 road bike not a Honda rs 125 race bike.
    Won't turn over? Could be any of the following: Piston seized in cylinder, starter motor "rs" (no pun intended :) )broken/jammed primary gear, broken piston, jammed in gear, broken crankshaft, bent conrod, battery flat, broken/jammed balancer drive gear, broken/jammed oil pump drive gear. Oil leaked into engine and hydraulic locking piston. Crack in cylinder and coolant leaked to crank case causing hydraulic lock. Rings seized to bore. Rings corroded to bore after coolant leak to cylinder through blown head gasket or crack.
    Now if you mean by "won't turn over", that it's refusing to start there could be a hundred reasons why it won't start. Try clutch starting if the electric starter won't work. If still no go, charge or replace the battery then check for spark. Fuel in the tank? Fuel in the float bowl? Check plug. Looks shitty? Clean and gap or buy a new one of the right heat range. Plenty of compression? We need more info. Like, has the bike been laying around a while/ did it stop suddenly? (ie. seize) has it ever been going properly? Do you own the bike? Do you have a toll kit? What is the meaning of life? Otherwise take it to a flamin mechanic. I think Joel's answer is the best so far.