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rs125 vs zxr250r

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by N00b, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Hi, im n00b and looking to buy my first bike.

    currently im looking at 2 bikes, zxr250 and the rs125.

    i cant really decide on which one to buy.

    im considering cost to run the bikes and all, and also 2 stroke engines seem to have issues here and there, so wondering if worst comes to worst, i.e engine rebuilds, which one would end up costing more?

    it would be good if someone is able to gimme pros and cons and recomendations of which bike is good for my first bike.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Have you considered an NSR150SP? Much cheaper to buy and maintain than an RS125, look the goods, cheap mods, better for commuting, and probably better for learning (and I'm Italian so I'm biased towards the Aprilia ;)). I've never had to rebuild but it's a very simple engine and I don't think it would be very expensive.

    The extra cash on buying an Aprilia goes to things like braided brake lines, adjustable suspension, a more race tuned engine and Italian manufacturing (the NSR has a Jap engine and is built in thailand).

    Don't know anything about the ZXR. My mate has a CBR250RR which is pretty nice if you haven't had a look at those yet.
  3. dude you really have to go sit on and test ride these bikes. Someone's opinion on a forum is hardly the info you need to base a purchase on.

    they're both great bikes in their own respect, but different. the only way you'll be able to work out which bike is for you is to hop on them and ride them.

    you're unlikely to need to rebuild an engine on the kwaka in the time you own it if it's just to see off your restricted license, however a rebuild on the zxr would probably cost more simply due to the number of moving parts involved, compared with the RS's single piston.

    go find a couple of nice examples of each bike and ride them - you'll either fall for the high revving, smooth 4cyl of the zxr, or the 2 stroke powerband of the RS.
  4. thanks for all opinions.. im going to go check itout tomorrow..

    um.. i thought abt the nsr, but im abit big and i look wierd on it..
  5. out of curiosity, how is this your first bike when you've posted another thread regarding issues with your CBR?
  6. haha,,, to be honest.. that was a mates bike ive had in my backyard for a while, but this would be my first purchase of my own bike.
  7. see, i'm on the ball :)

    mate i'm seriously thinking of moving my NSR150SP on and getting a CBR250RR or a ZX2R..I love 2 strokes but the 4cyl revving at 18500rpm sounds incredible (with a decent can) and they're torquier too so you can actually accelerate in 3rd gear without having to change down to 2nd etc.

    The 2R from what I gather is everything the CBR is and pissibly a little more (fully adjustible suspension front and rear). Definitely as quick, possibly a little quicker.
  8. baby ninja
    Less hassle
    most comfy out off all the i-4 250cc inlines