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RS125 question

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Rashpocket, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Iv recently purchased a RS125 2003 model and im loving it.
    I was wondering just seeing a few other similiar bikes around town, whether anyone knows where to pick up different colour rims or just general bling for these Italian bikes. :grin:
    Or am i just being stupid and is the cheapest way to change the colour of your rims and such to simply get it powdercoated?

    Iv looked over the other guys cosmetic overhaul of his RS125 and it looks sweet but i dont have that much $ :(
    hoping someone can steer me in the right direction.
  2. reflective rim tape.
  3. polish the rims?

    not many other cosmetic mods really... solo pod? rest are all performance based unless you go as far as to powder coat the frame etc. Windscreen?
  4. You can get TYGA carbon fibre huggers and chain guard.

    If you want different coloured rims, you'd have to go to a wrecker and see what they have.
  5. hmmm i thought of this, anyone know of any wreckers around?
    sorry im from Orange/Condobolin so i dont really know of many road bike wreckers :(
    What would i be looking at for new rims?
  6. google wreckers and see what you can get :p

    Vic Wreckers down here in Melbourne would be the one I would point you to if you were a local.

    There are three types of rims that came in on the Aus models:

    Up to 1999(?) 3 spoke
    1999-2005 5 (or 6) spoke
    2006+ y spoke style (like the RSV Mille)

    The RSV style rims may be slightly different to the other rims as the speedo drive is taken off the back rotor, I haven't looked into it enough to understand the difference.

    This is purely speculation, but I'm guessing that up to 2006, the speedo drive was taken off the front wheel, so you'd need to check compatibility again.

    I'd google image different year models of the RS and see what rims you take a fancy for, and then call up the wreckers and see what you can get your hands on.
  7. Another vote for Tyga Performance. Do a google search for them, they've got some ace stuff.

    Cheers - boingk