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rs125 not starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Megan311, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Good Morning,

    Hope everyone had a decent weekend.

    Just curious as to what you all think the following could be.

    Mate bought an rs125 aprilia last week and he took it in for a service and there was a little problem with it starting although the guy that sold it to him said it was just the battery. The mechanic fixed the problem same time he serviced it last week.

    This morning he has gone to start the thing and its just not turning over. It sounds like it's about to start but doesn't.

    It was like that Fridat night, but then started ok on Saturday.

    What do you all think?
  2. "Italian character?"
  3. Was the battery replaced? If so then maybe the killswitch was still engaged :?
  4. do a roll start, get the battery charged for half an hour or so. the same happened to me a few weeks ago and now its fine. better trying this first than getting a new battery.
  5. It already has a new battery. Got replaced!!
  6. The battery has enough charge and he can't even clutch start it so i dont think its the battery. when its trying to start it sounds like it would if you have the stop button off but its definately on
  7. spark plugs maybe?
  8. Does it crank?
    Fouled plugs maybe? Been on rides with a few new people on two smokers, couple have had trouble with fouling especially if they ride it constantly low in the revs. Then the bike cranks, but won't start.
    Giving it a good blat stops the oil fouling the plug I guess. I'm no mechanic so people feel free to pick at this. :)
  9. Yep Warden, it'd be the first place i'd look.

    Pull a plug out and put it in the end of a lead. Now put the side of the plug up against some bare metal on the bike.

    Now crank it over. It should have a strong blue spark.

    If not chances are it's fouled. Yo probaly won't recover them. Just replace them.

    It could be leads, so make sure you do the same thing with the new plug before you put it in.

    If ithis is not the problem then make sure it's getting fuel. Does the carbie have a drian plug in the float bowl? If so, pull it out to see if the fuel is getting to the bowl.

    If it is then the float needle may be stuck closed or one of the jet's are block. Time for a carbie pull down and clean.

    don't worry it's easy.
  10. Fuel switch on?
  11. I agree with warden, check for spark, at the same time smell for exessive fuel/oil, I'd say that you'll see a dull spark through the black tip of the sparkplug, due to the claim that it sounds like it just about cranks over. Then again I have a fiat 126 that won't fire properly, so.......
  12. call yer mechanic.... he replaced the battery.... he may have forgotten something...
  13. We had the exact same problem with my BF's ZZR250 (after I laid it gently on it's side).

    the engine flooded from the drop, no biggie sat & waited for it to settle & tried to start it - would NOT go. We presumed this was because we'd flattened the battery trying to start it when it was flooded.

    We spent 2 days trying to push start it. Got the neighbours to come & help - nope, not even a hint of starting.

    So we borrowed a mate's battery charger. Charged the battery right up. Still would not go. We were getting pissed at this point.

    Mate at my BF's work said "Take the spark plugs out & clean em. it's highly likely that when it was dropped the plugs got fouled."

    So we did - took ages with all that fairing, but cleaned em & stuck em back in. Bike started off the electric start straight away.

    I highly recommend cleaning the plugs.
  14. yep, had a chat to the mechanic and he said it sounds like spark plug.. my friend rang his mechanic when i told him and the mechanic said he did change the plug!

    so he has purchased a plug and we are going to give it a go when we get home
  15. As anowner of numerous temperamental two-strokes over the years I'll offer my 2c worth.

    Take the plug out and scrub with an old toothbrush and petrol (be careful in case the petrol dissolves the brush) . Dry it, put it back and then start it.

    If it doesn't start then try a new plug...


    (and if you think Italians are bad - try the Spanish!) :LOL:
  16. If the plug keeps fouling, it may be an idea to try a hotter heat range plug.
  17. Or check your oil mix valve is right