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rs125 maintainence

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by N00b, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. hi!!
    ive been posting up topics about my first bike purchase, tossing up between aprillia rs125 and a kawasaki zx2r.

    right now im looking more towards the rs125, but just have a few questions on maintainence.

    1. the bike being european, are parts easy to obtain and are they pricey?

    2. i have on in mind, but few issues with it and probaly need a tune up.

    the issues include brakes squeeking alot, chains a bit loose, engine dying out randomly( the engine idles just over 1000 revs when warmed up, dont know if thats correct), and having issues with reving at some times(this feels like petrol hasnt been pumped through).

    this was all concluded from a test ride.

    im wanting to know how much it would cost for a service to include fixing these issues, AND if there are any good mechanics to service apprilias in the sydney area?

    also this bike hasnt been serviced for about 9 months.

    thanks in advance!!
  2. Hey there, when i was looking for my first bike i was tossing up between the nsr 150 and the zx2r. I went for the 2 stroke as i love the smell and that powerband :) being an italian bike parts for the rs are very dear and are hard to find. What year is it? Maintenance on a two stroke is not as bad as most people will tell you, top up oil, do sparkplug, everything you do on a 4 stroke. If you care well for it, it will pose no problems. If i was you i would go and get a bike shop to inspect it and make sure nothing major is wrong with it. Sounds like it needs a tune or a carby clean, this is very easy and can be done by yourself if you have some sort of mechanic skill. A tune and a carby clean cost me $65 and it was well worth it, chain is easy to fix and the squeeking brakes are probably worn out pads. Whats the price on it? Regards, Stef
  3. :grin: hi mate! don't worry for the little aprilia....if you want a help , write me without problems. i'm italian and i'm now working in a aprilia dealer point in italy like a chief mechanic :cool: i'll come in australia soon but if you need something parts or questions , ask me ok?
  4. no offence intended, but N00b, I wouldn't base your purchase on a forum member who doesn't even live in the country saying he can hook you up with parts. The point is, parts are expensive and they may not be readily available.

    I'd personally go with the ZX2R or a CBR250RR - sure every learner has one but there's a reason for that - they're good bikes, go well enough for most learners, sound awesome with an after market exhaust and look good too and they seem to hold their value whivh will benefit you when it comes time to upgrade, which for most people is the second you're off your restricted license.

    After all these posts, have you bothered to ride either one yet?
  5. haha.. actually...
    i have test rided few aprilias, and actually ended up buying one.
    i bought mine for $2.7k and 19k on the clock, and its running great so far.

    i would of went for a zx2r but they were too pricey for me, and the km were nearly double of the aprilia.

    also i based my purchase on what was easy to ride, proabaly because it is light as well.

    thanks for all your input.
  6. bike? what bike?
    hot damn, that's right, i own a motorbike!

    great! i'll go for a ride with you!
    when i get my RS125 back on the road, of course. coming up to 4months since that 4WD hit me, due to have it back ANY DAY NOW. till then...

    ride safe.
    cause if that bike goes down, your ass is straight back to the bus-stop with the school kids. luck with that.
  7. Had my 125 for a few weeks now and loving it. If you have some smarts I seriously think general maintenance is damned easy. I've re oiled, fully cleaned, taken fairings off and fully inspected the bike without any issues. before buying the bike I identified a goner fork seal, and since buying it discovered the oil tank overflow was routed to nowhere and leaking fuel (slowly) all over the side of the bike and inside the passenger seat fairing, eventually getting on my left pants leg

    Grab a Haynes if you are a bit unsure. Looking through it a total engine rebuild doesn't even look hard!

    The only real problem is sourcing parts and perhaps some trouble shooting?

    I was dashing over the West Gate Bridge for the first time on two wheels on Sunday and the bike just cut out - nada, no ascertainable reason at all!... was a rather scary moment for a few seconds, almost as if running out of fuel. Luckily I was over the peak and could roll down off the bridge while indicating to go left and pull of the side as soon as I cleared the Bridge. (I was heading inbound, after quickly zipping to Williamstown)

    The bike would not start after that, would not even turn over (starter motor?). Lights were on, so electrics were probably fine. Rang up my bro for some help, spent a few minutes figuring out what to do, got off the phone, and tried it again and bang it just started up again no worries? WTF? Decided to drive on and it cut out on me once more on the freeway but It started straight up again. I decided to get off the freeway just in case, was worried about a fuel blockage or something so put it on Reserve (just in case I was out of fuel?!?! - but it was well short of the 240km I did on the last tank - around 180 was where it was at). And it was fine all the way home, so I got petrol before I parked and only could fit in less than 10litres so I dunno at all what was going on.

    - Total instant power failure. Electrics still fine. Almost as if engine wasn't sparking.
    - After rolling down the Westgate and pulling over the bike had trouble turning over a few times and then wouldn't kick at all. (Fuel cock on ON)
    - let it sit for a few minutes while on phone before trying it again and it worked straight away!
    - conked again maybe a km or so away (Fuel on ON only - not reserve)
    - started straight up again after coming to stop.
    - drove all the way home on reserve just in case
    - got petrol before arriving home, only put about 10 litres in (from max 14) to fill it up.

    What do you reckon?

    Fuel blockage? Electrical Issue? Something with the fuel cock syphon?

    It's been perfect for the last few weeks and also since then... But I haven't driven it at over 60kmh for long before Sunday when I just wanted to do a long cruise on a freeway two hours or so).