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RS125 custom graphics

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by loki, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. i was going to write about the graphic tweaks i designed for my bike, but then i remembered i'm left-handed, and instead expressed myself creatively through photoshop.


    8hours of application work.
    Eying off the rims next :)
  2. let me be the first to say thats awesome
    good work dude
  3. looks good mate, get ride of the blue rims and it will be much better!
  4. cheers guys

    and Halifax, i couldn't ditch the blue Y spokes. They're Aprilia's signature! kinda like gold rims on an STi. I don't get the proper OZ rims like the RSV-R though :(
  5. I'm terrible at maths but those are some pretty pics.
  6. looking great
    love that bike!
  7. HAWT!
    I think that sums it up nicely :)
  8. thanks guys :)
    RS125s can be a whore to live with, but who can stay mad at that face?
  9. I quite like this. What are you doing with the wheels if not blue? Doesn't look too shabby atm.
  10. Still seksy, nice one.
  11. God I love this colour scheme.

    I wonder if there's something sexy you could do to remove all blue bits:
    • Bottom "aprilia" in white
    • Front wheel green or white (maybe white with the callipers painted matching green?)
    • Rear wheel either white or black

    Someone should mock it up in photoshop. Maybe me, but it won't be professional.

    Either way, it's absolutely stunning. Well done!
  12. damn, couldnt tell it was shopped at first
  13. cheers guys :)

    iEdd, I'm thinking about reflective blue rim tape, possibly some on the spokes as well. would light up well in traffic :) happy for the blue to stay, didn't want to change the original look (which i love), just wanted to 'tweak' it
  14. That looks awesome.