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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by En, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. been reading up on these little bueats and have some questions. i was looking at the RS125 because it is within my price range a little more than the 250.

    the 125 is a 2 stroke single cylinder - i have read that it is fast and can believe that because it is ment to me a great race bike - but i ride a 4 stoke single cylinder 250 (not a race bike) and it is really not that fast. i am just wondering how fast the 125 could be on a single cylinder - saw the speedo goes up to 200ks (mine to 140).

    what kinda bike would the 125 equal speed wise (accelleretion, going up hills etc)

    the 250 is a nice looking bike also and i would wanna buy one second hand if i got one. it is a 2stroke right? again what bike would it equal in speed wise (same qu as 125)
  2. to add to my origional post - in general are 2-stroke 125's fast? would they be able to equal a CBR250RR from 0-100+?
  3. About the only reason i've heard people go for the 125 is that they're L/P approved in NSW, while the 250 isn't (at least when I looked a few years ago)

    You may get a quicker higher speed, but from having ridden a 2-stroke 250 for the first 3 and a bit years of road riding, they don't maintain the high speeds as well as a 4-stoke.

    Main question is what sort of riding are you going to be doing? Lots of highway riding? Fast acceleration/hard braking? back street? Looking to have a pillion? Want to spend heaps on insurance?

  4. atm i am mainly doing around town riding. i am looking for a bike with a decent acceleration and a top speed in the mid 100's as i don't really do alot of highway riding and when i do i don't need to go over 110k's.

    mainly want something that is sporty, is fast for zipping around. something faster than a CBR to get me outta sticky situations fast. street riding so zipping in and outta traffic, and stuff.

    not looking at a CBR because being a 4 stroke they need high revs to get going and all, and a 2 stroke is a seriously fast engine which is what i am looking for
  5. That is one of the most backwards statements I have ever read.

    A 2-stroke 250 maybe fast in comparison to a 4-stroke 250 when they are in their "power band" but outside that they are far more doughy with the throttle. Sporty small capacity 2-strokes have a reputation for having to be revved pretty hard to get any results out of them performance-wise. To put it in perspective, a Cagiva Mito/Aprilia RS125 produces about 31hp at full song, which is significantly less than the power output of a "sports" 250 (CBR/FZR/ZXR etc.) which would be closer to 45hp. Given the fact that much of this is available from around 10-11,000RPM to around 18,000RPM, it gives you a lot more to play with than the 10,990-11,000RPM powerband that RS125's are famous for.

    For around town riding, a 4-stroke is a much better option. 2-strokes tend to foul plugs if you aren't caining them often. I can imagine an RS125 would be a hoot to ride, especially on a racetrack... but I can see myself looking for the cyanide capsule very quickly if I had to live with one as my only road bike for any period of time.
  6. Sam is right, my mate bought a brand new RS125 a few months ago. When he went for his P's test, I offered him my Honda VTR250 because of amount of slow speed riding invoved in the test. He had my bike all day and when he came back he said "Geez your bike is fast, and it's nice to be able to take your hand off the throttle at a set of lights without the bike stalling!!". My bike is faster and better around town and uphills but the RS125 has a higher top speed and would beat my bike at a track day. I would definently get a four stroke over a 2 stroke unless it's just a 'weekend blast' type of bike.

  7. ok my bad, i am still learning :( so you saying the 250/125 are good as racing bikes? or be ridden fast? or not bad to be ridden around town environments?

    god i must sound like a noob but hey, i am when it comes to the technical stuff :( :( :(
  8. Well the Aprilia RS models are expensive, highly strung, quick handling little machines that really live to be ridden hard. I would say that they would both be killer bikes to just "have in the shed" to take out on weekend rides or to track days while being far less suited to sitting on a particular speed for any given period of time, thus, they don't make an ideal commuter.

    Also, it's ok, we all start out as n00bs when it comes to the technical stuff :p .

    EDIT: I just noticed that you are in NSW. If you want something with pretty sharp handling that wouldn't make a bad commuter then look at bigger singles and twins like the Yamaha SZR660's and Kawasaki ER-5's. Not as razor sharp as an RS but much easier to live with and still quite capable in the right hands. These are both Learner legal in NSW, very torquey motors that are very easy to maintain and a similar power output to most "modern" 250's.

    Just some food for thought.
  9. If your a learner and not mechanically minded then DON'T bother getting the stroker. It give us strokers a bad name hahaha.

    These bikes are race bikes with blinkers. Not really design for city riding.

    Its like buying a Ferrari and only driving it up to 80km/h. What a waste!
  10. (Wild stereotypical statement ahead...)

    All 2 stroke bikes need to be ridden hard to be kept in good condition. They need to be wound through the power band, they need to be taken for a hard blat, and the need to be treated well! This includes warming them up before riding them, and new rings at service intervals.

    As has been said before, their a track bike with blinkers and a headlight. They do not 'enjoy' nor are suited towards freeway commuting, or puttering/zipping around town. If i had a stroker, i'd be out in the hills every weekend giving it a good 'Italian tuneup', and so should most 2 stroke riders. ;)

    4-stroke 250's aren't as powerful as 2-stroke 250's, but you can get on the throttle earlier with less concern for the power band. 4 stroke 250's also tend to react better once being plodded around town for a week or two; that said i still like to blast the cobwebs out on weekends.

    (End wild stereotypical statement.)

    I've thought about moving up to an RS/RGV 250 before, and have decided against it in the past as i don't think it would be something i would be able to casually enjoy. That said i ride with plenty of RS/RGV riders and they love them to bits!

    Buy whatever is going to make you happy in the long run.
  11. remember that if your in nsw the rs250, nsr250, rgv250 arent learner legal look at the lams list theres a couple others that arent
    im planning on getting a 2 stroke later on at the moment im gonna get a gpx (secured it yesterday) then when im more competent ill play with a mito or rs125
  12. mate 2 strokes need to have the shit rung out of em to get them going. You really need to evaluate a few things like what type of riding you want to do, how long you are going to keep the bike, what sort of money you want to spend on insurance. And seriously how fast can a little bike go?
  13. heya, just to finish up the topic i'm not getting a 2stroke. thanks for the advice and all. on my full licence so will look for something a bit better.