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RS Taichi vs. KNOX Gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by LangenBear, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,
    I was having a look at getting a new pair of gloves. These are the gloves I've had my eyes on.
    The Knox Handroid: http://www.solomotoparts.com/Knox-Handroid-Hand-Armour-Gloves-Black/
    and Rs Taichi's GP-EVO: http://www.motorcyclewarehouse.net.au/rs-taichi-gp-evo-racing-gloves-nxt046.html

    I've got a pair of the GP-EVOs but they're just about at the end of their rope, having served there purpose more than once. Having owned a pair of these, I would never wear a pair of gloves without scaphoid protection, the kangaroo leather is nice too.
    I'm just after some of your oppinions on them, and any similar gloves you may know of in their price range, with at least the same level of protection.

    Thanks guys and girls
  2. Check out the gimoto gloves they are handroids with out the dumb exoskeleton and more traditional armour instead.

    The fitment should be the same as knox, as far as i know they are the same pattern just a few different design features on the outside. Very very very good gloves, roo skin palm, scaphoid protection.

    way better than my astars gp pro were.
  3. Ive heard nothing but bad things about the quality of Knox gloves, thats why I decided against it....it does look good though. IMO if your gonna go to that price range, better to get the Held gloves.

  4. Taichis are farm more comfortable then the gimoto gloves but the gimoto gloves do have the web for the pinky finger. The Taichis feel like they have more padding protection around the wrist though. If you want to try the gimotos I'm a XL in taichi and a 2XL in gimoto so might be worth upsizing for them.
    I'm with azn on the knox gloves, haven't used em but seems to be a lot of bad things said about them in terms of quality.
  5. Thanks guys for sharing your oppinion and experience thus far, I'll check out Gimoto and Held.
  6. Gimoto GP4 has a finger bridge web for the pinky so not sure what your talking about, perhaps a differnt glove they make, im talking about their top of the line product. Also the taichis i tried on were not that comfortable as they had internal seams, which is not really what you want on a race glove. and is uncomfortable and means you cannot repair the gloves after an accident.
  7. Are you talking to KANGA? He said it does have a finger bridge. The RS Taichi GP-EVO is the their top of the range gloves and does have external stitching.
  8. Read my post again bud. If you tried on the Taichis ozmotorcycle leathers stock you tried on the WRX gloves not the GP Evos which are Taichis top of the line glove. GP Evo also features external stitching, kangaroo palm and knox SPS. In fact the safety features between the 2 gloves are very similar.
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