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RS Taichi Raptor Mesh Gloves

Discussion in 'Gloves' started by Jem, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Just picked up a new pair of Summer Gloves from Alex at Motor Cycle Race Gear; see the link below.


    As you might know I am a big fan of RS Taichi gear, well made and great value for money.

    Some features of these gloves include :-
    * Carbon protection on the knuckles, palms and wrist.
    * Touch panels on both thumbs and index fingers that work on smart phones; have tested on my iPhone and as good as with my finger
    * Nav Touch pointer on point index fingers, have not tested this as yet.
    * Great ventalation in all parts of the glove
    * Great price - $119 not sure if anyone else makes a glove with Carbon protection etc for anywear near this price point.

    Alex has just received new stock and has them available in black or black and white. I picked up a pair in black and white in size M. They are quite snug to get on but once on they are extremely light and I do not feel like I am wearing anything at all.

    Now for summer to roll on, will come back and update this once I have done some riding in them.

    Here are some pics -


    Both Gloves
    Both Sides.

    Right Glove
    Right Glove.

    Cheers Jeremy

    PS As alway Alex was only too happy to answer my many questions and let me come down and try them on before buying, highly recommend dealing with him.:applause::applause:
  2. Looking good and pretty good value too.

    I too am a big fan of their gear and I can attest to their gloves protective abilities.
  3. ha mine literally turned up this morning as well. I was very impressed by the palm slider compared to my old dainese 4 stroke short gloves. Will be a good commuting glove in summer, plenty of ventilation.
    On the snugness side I find I run a size bigger in Taichi gloves compared to other brands. I've got the wrx and raptors in XL and they both fit fine, all other brands have been a L.
  4. Thanks for the write up Jem, been looking for a new set for summer, are this similar too the RS-Tachi Drymaster Blitz gloves (I have a pair of these), if so I know what size I will need..
  5. Hi PilgriM, would think the sizing would be similar, Alex is down in Rowville, if in doubt give him a call and go and try them on first, that is what I did.

    His number is 0403 697 472

    Cheers Jeremy
  6. They do look nice. Thanks for the post. (y)
  7. Just a quick hijack of my own post - how goes the next bike list LL??
  8. :D Changes a bit here and there but might be a battle between Yamaha XJR1300 AND MV Agusta Brutale 675 AND Aprilia Shiver 750 AND MAYBE a Classic BMW R100R or something.

    The Libran scales go haywire whilst making decisions. :p
  9. My list is down to the Shiver and the Brutale, Brutale currently in the lead but might change when I get to see one in the flesh and see what it is like to sit on etc.. Of course who know what might get released for next year that might change both of our minds after all who saw the 300 and 800 Kawasakis coming.

    Anyway back to the gloves......
  10. Im a fan as well, have a race suit, leather jacket, race gloves, and summer short gloves, wind stopper ( a must for everyone) and anti fog spray for my visor. Good quality and reasonable price.
  11. Hang on.............are these THE gloves?

    As in the ones we've been following in the other thread?
  12. Cheers MRG (y)
  13. Hi,

    Time for a quick update.

    Wore these on Wednesday and Thursday this week before it all turned to crap today.

    So first impressions, they are still a little stiff but had started to soften by the time I got home last night - to be expected from brand new gloves.I expect that after a few more wears it will feel like I am not wearing anything at all. Feel very good on the bars and the finger lenghts are great with no slack/gap at the end.

    Great airflow around the fingers, the inside finger is all mesh so when you spread your fingers the air just flows right in.

    The carbon knuckle protection is two piece 1 for index finger and 1 for the other 3 fingers and gives you a bit more flexability IMO.

    Will update more after I have worn them some more assuming it stops raining in Melb.....

    Cheers Jeremy