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RS Taichi Rain Suit

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by Jem, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I bought the above rain suit a few weeks ago before I got my bike and wore it for the first time today in the lovely Melbourne drizzle.


    So my thoughts:-

    Fit of the jacket is excellent it goes over my riding jacket well and does not have excess fabric flapping around. Pants are very snug around the waist and I am not sure if they are too tight of not; certainly not uncomfortable just a bit of a struggle to get them up. I an sure I will get used to this and suspect it is to keep them close to your body. good secure velcro around the ankles and wrists.

    Both are lined with mesh which aids to geting them on an off. Hint perhaps put the pants on before your boots....

    So while it was only lightrain/drizzle this morning I was kept completely dry not a drop of water came through. They do not have a fly in the pants so no wet crutch.

    Wind chill factor was zip; the jacket has good venting out the back so I was comfortable the whole way - trip is about 15 kms.

    Not the cheapest rain suit around but the quality is good and I am a big fan of the fact that the jacket is red rather than black seems like a more sensible colour when visability is reduced.

    Alex at Motorcycle Race Gear is a nice bloke and a pleasure to deal with I would highly recomend him and the RS Taichi gear.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  2. Update.

    So it was proper rain on the way in this morning not the drizzle of Tuesday so on went the rain suit again.

    How bloody good is it, 30 minutes of stop start traffic and not a drop of water got through to my jeans or my jacket. Nothing down the neck either the velco fastening system on the collar lets you get a really good seal without feeling like it is chocking you.

    I learnt my lesson from Tuesday and put the pants on before my boots, boots on, jeans pulled down, water proof pants pulled down past jeans and then tightened with the velcro and not a drop on the bottom of my jeans either.

    So if anything I am even more impressed than I was in my above post, plus found that the jacket has a velcro strap on the upper arm to get a closer fit that I had not noticed till today plus an inside zipped pocket in the jacket as well.

    Great option if you just want to have one set of gear and something that really does keep the water out to put over the top.

    Cheers Jeremy
  3. Thanks for the review. I have been impressed with the RS Taichi stuff and Alex has been great to deal with.

    It looks like its some type of breathable goretex-like material, which might be more breathable than some rain gear. What do you reckon? Might account for the rather hefty price - although if it was goretex I guess it would be a lot more.

    How small does the 'suit' fold up. Also, its separate pants and jacket, yes?
  4. Nice one - they look ok too!

    I'm looking for some new wet weather gear to go over my usual riding gear. My Rjays Tornado one piece rain suit has been worn all of two times and the zippers are garbage. Keep catching on the lining when I'm trying to zip them up and unzip them. So frustrating I nearly tore the f*#%ing thing...

    What are the zippers like? Do they seem fairly sturdy/robust? Do they catch on anything including the lining?
  5. BCF - raincoat and pants. About 30 bucks I think. Gets plenty of use in mackay too
  6. Hi brmm and jacksOn,

    Okay here goes -

    Do not think it is gortex not enough weight and they label all their stuff, Does have good venting at the top back of the jacket for air to get out. I wear gortex sailing gear and it starts at about $500 for a jacket.

    Yes it is two piece pants and Jacket.

    Does not fold up that small but It comes with a bag, that you put it in a bit smaller than a A$ piece of paper; guess you could fold up more; I do not need to as it lives in my tail bag.

    Zippers only on jacket pants are pull up with no fly. Quality is excellent and they do not catch on the lining at all.

    To sum up this is excellent gear and that is reflected in the price. Also note that so far I have only worn it twice but it was raining hard this morning on my way in and no water in at all. But long term well only time will tell.

    From my dealings with Alex I would go ahead and get this product if you have the dollars, If you have an issue I think he will look after you.

    From my point of view they paid for themselves today, to be able to get to work this morning without getting wet inside was great and made the trip enjoyable rather than something I just had to do to get to work.

    Anyway hope this helps.

    Cheers Jeremy
  7. I second this, horrible suit. does not keep the crotch area dry at all.
    Depending on how small the RS folds up I will consider it
  8. Thanks for the review and i appreciate you taking the time to post here.
    Hopefully i can answer some of the questions posted above.
    Here are the dimensions of the bag that the suit can be packed up into and materials the rain suit is made from.
    Product description:

    ・Waterproof and breathable DRYMASTER construction. ・Adjuster on forearm for better fit. ・Ventilation on back for comfort. ・Waist adjuster for better fit. ・Prism type 3M Scotchlite Reflective material offers superior performance in wet weather conditions. ・Seamless hip construction offers high durability and waterproofness. ・Easy access external pocket.




  9. Quoted for truth

    whoa that's small when packed up, is that with both the jacket and pants in it?
  10. Hi Kanga,
    Yes that is the size with both jacket and pants in.
    Cheers Jeremy
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  11. Sitting at work in the CBD, bike getting soaked outside, dreading going home & getting wet, wishing I had one of these rain suits :-(
  12. Hey Jem, how'd you go with overall sizing for these. Looking at the size charts on the site they seem to run small, I'd be interested to know what size was big enough to cover your existing gear without being too big. Thanks.
  13. Yeah I'm also interested in the sizing and how the go over time.. :)
  14. Hi

    Sizing wise I wear a medium RS Tachi jacket and I got a medium in the rain suit as well.

    I am about 5' 8" and 70 kgs so not big. The jacket is a perfect fit over my existing gear. The pants are quite snug around my waist. Makes it a bit hard to get them on. That said when they are on perfectly fine.

    Best advice I can give you is give Alex a call and talk to him about it I found him only too willing to help me with sizing colours etc. His number is 03 9764 1670.

    Hope that helped.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  15. In regards to sizing, i have included the size chart for this product and other rain gear on the website for reference. What i tell customers is to check there measurements and choose the size accordingly. So far never had any issues with sizing following the size chart. These rain suits already take into consideration the riding gear, so there is no need to go bigger.
    As Jeremy said, that is the size with both inside and anyone interested or has any questions can contact me at any time.


    Sorry, i will try to get a better image of the size chart soon:)
  16. I thought I would do a review on the RS Taichi DryMaster Motorcycle Rain Suit RSR030 which I purchased a few weeks back. I didn’t get a chance to test out the waterproofing until today, however it didn’t rain heavily enough to see its full potential or failure in my opinion, but plenty enough to be considered wet riding. Instead of starting a new thread, I'll add this to Jem's review :).

    At first glance, the gear looked really well made and thicker than I expected. It can be folded and put into a storage bag which is handy...it may take a few attempts to master this. The final size of the bag isn’t big leaving me plenty of room for my usual work gear in the boot of the Across, which was one major pro about the DryMaster.

    The outside is made of nylon giving its waterproofing capabilities. Internal layer is made of polyester mesh, which I assume is to stop it from sticking to the undergarment. To my surprise, it blocks out a fair bit of wind as well, a definite bonus when riding in the low 10ºC weather. The mercury hasn’t dipped below 10ºC yet, but I am positive it will help keep the chill out.

    Today was the first time the suit got to see some H2O. To set the scene, it had rained earlier in the morning before my morning commute, leaving plenty of water on the road for other vehicles to spray me with a conglomerate of dirt/water/other crap. I travel 50km each way to and from work, 40km of that is on the highway which is occupied by a lot of trucks...but during peak hour times, traffic is pretty slow (for Melbournians...Ring Rd, Westgate, Monash freeways). As per usual, as the rain falls, people for some oblivious reason get into accidents causing traffic mayhem, so the first half of the commute was relatively dry with some spray. The final half was a different story. Saw rain and a lot of water spray from mainly trucks for the last 20kms or so. After a slow 1 hour ride and a fuel stop, I got to work completely dry...no wet crotch or under arms. So I can conclude it will keep you dry in medium wet weather...awaiting for a full down pour to test it again.

    As good as it is, it does have some minor cons...which I think is really personal preference with easy solutions. First thing, the jacket has a high neck collar, much like a turtle neck. I mean it is a good thing to have it high, but since I wear a thick fleece neck sock, it gets a bit tight in there. Another one would be the length of the jacket sleeves...it doesn’t seem to be long or big enough to either go over the top of the gloves or have the gloves go over the sleeves. This obviously depends on the length of the “gauntlets” on your gloves and the size of the suit you buy. I opted for only a one size up from my usual clothes (L instead of M) because I didn’t want to look like a Michelin man when using the jacket for other activities, such as fishing. I could have gone with XL, fitment was looser and definitely gave me more room in the neck department, it was, however, just too big for me.

    Regarding pants, I have nothing to say about them really...they are slip on pants which easily go over the MotoLegion Kevlar jeans and over the boots.

    Overall, so far, the suit has been good. It keeps you dry, blocks out wind and is relatively cheap* making it a cost effective way of keeping oneself dry. So if you want a great rain suit to keep you dry through the colder seasons, I’d recommend one of these suits. They can come in handy in many different situations, not just riding :D.
    Hope this helps some people out.

    *compared to buying dedicated wet gear over a suit.
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  17. Thanks for the review and feedback. Looking forward to that heavy rain and to hear your feedback also at that time.
  18. Okay got to test out the rain suit today in this lovely weather.

    Traffic/weather report: Morning dump of rain was extensive but by the time I got on the road it had died down a little. The road spray made visibility down to maybe 3-4 car lengths ahead. Rain stopped at about 1/3 of my commute. Got to Burnley Tunnel (pretty much half way through ~25km) and it started to drizzle before entering. Exited the tunnel into medium rain, where visibility is now down to 2 car lengths inclusive of water spray. Traffic was moving at 80km/hr (speed limit) which was surprising considering the weather conditions. Rain got worse as I was heading to work (I was riding into the weather according to BoM radar). Got to work and the rain stopped. Perfect weather for testing I think :D.

    I was completely dry (except for one foot...I'll explain below) and you can actually see the water droplets forming on the suit when sitting at the lights, it doesn't soak, it just beads off. Just make sure to remove most of the water before entering the premises...it's like an umbrella, can shake it off :D.

    Regarding the foot, one of my boots isn't water proof since my last accident which peeled the bottom of the sole off the shoe...so now water can soak up into my foot. Going to water proof it when I can be arsed.
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  19. ^ What he said....

    I have the same suit and came down Canterbury Rd this morning heading straight into the rain.

    Arrive at work completely dry. Agree that the water just beads on jacket and pants, take of and give them a flick and the water is gone.

    I was happy with this gear before today but this morning really sealed it....

    Cheers Jeremy
  20. I'm interested in buying one. In regard to the short sleeves issue, what's your height and weight.