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RS Taichi Heat Generator Inner Gloves

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by twistngo, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. This is my second winter around Melbourne using these and they do the job. I combine them with heated handgrips, I don't get cold hands, and the backs of my hands stay warm. Wear them under fairly thin gloves. They are far better than any padded winter gloves I've tried and better than any other glove liners I've used. Don't know how they "generate" heat, but suspect its some variation of outlast.

  2. I know you posted this ages ago but i am looking for something to keep the back of my hands and finger tips warmer (well stop them from freezing to be more accurate). I also have oxford heated grips, but they are not enough for me. Any update on those inners you use?
  3. I have a set as well, love them had them 3 years and as with twistngotwistngo wear them under normal gloves and have heated grips. I commute every day and leave home about 4.30 am. I am in Melbourne to give you temperature reference

    What I love is you keep full feeling/mobility rather than having to go to big padded gloves which I do not like riding in. Tried a set of winter gloves for a week two years ago and promptly sold them