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Rs Taichi 'hard Shell' Knee Guards

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Rob H, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Being an RS Taichi fan boy I purchased a pair of the hard shell knee guards and the verdict so far is thus:
    • Well made with CE approved protection
    • Fit out of the box seemed a bit tight at first but soon 'bedded' in
    • I wear them beneath Drayko jeans that are reasoably slim fitting and they go over the guards without too much hassle
    • My only gripe is that there is no retainer for the hard shell and it tends to ride up out of the sleeve during movement. I didn't notice it when riding and it only beacme apparent when I took my jeans off. The slim fit of the jeans may also affect this and 'pull' the sleeve down during movement.
    All in all I'm happy with them and would recommend them.

  2. Thanks for the review.
    I have the soft ones and am quite happy with them. I can usually just keep them on but I can manage to take them off from under Jeans with boots off.
    Are the hard ones comfortable enough to leave on and can you take them off from under jeans?
  3. No problems leaving them on but I haven't had to wear them off the bike for any length of time. I wouldn't be able to get them off whilst wearing the Drayko jeans but it may be possible on baggier jeans.
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