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RS Taichi GMX Motion Jacket RSJ825

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by Hobbsie, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. I picked up one of the new RS Taichi GMX Motion jackets in the first batch from motorcycleracegear.com.au. Alex at MRG provided awesome service, I definitely recommend MRG highly!

    The jacket itself is awesome, RS Taichi gear receives awesome reviews on the net and it definitely lives up to them.

    Fit: I find that the fit is great, reasonably tight in all areas without being constricting anywhere, probably thanks to all the stretch panels. I'm 178cm tall, 83kg, 40" chest, 33" waist, slightly athletic build and the size 40US 50EU fits me perfectly. Fit feels very similar to that of the 2011 alpinestars GP jackets I tried on in the same size. It is pre curved as you can probably tell from the photos.

    Comfort: the pre-curved fit feels great when riding, the jackets comfortable and I've had no issues in the week since I got it, during which time I've been using it every day. Its heavily perforated so it gets fairly good airflow, but not quite as much as I expected.. however, I've never used a perforated leather jacket so I don't really have anything to compare it to. I've worn it on 6am rides to work and with the windproof liner you don't notice the cold.. I think that with a summer base layer it will provide adequate airflow all throughout summer and could be used all through brisbane winter with the liner and perhaps a winter base layer.

    Quality: The leather feels great, all the stitching and details look great.. basically it looks like a top quality jacket in line with its reputation, especially for the relatively low price compared to the high end alpinestars and dainese jackets.

    Protection: Comes with Knox CE elbow and back protectors, as well as a CE level 1 certified back protector insert. The armour is the good stuff - its hard and has good coverage. Pretty much top end as far as armour goes, none of that soft stuff you get in some jackets.

    Looks: I think it looks great, but thats up to the individual :angel:

    Summary: Awesome jacket, I did plenty of research before buying and couldn't find anything better so if you're in the market for a high end jacket go buy one! :)

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  2. Alex at MRG is a good guy and the gear is top quality

    Rs Taichi is for those in the know so to speak
  3. Yeah, I hear his helmets are great too! :D
  4. i dont know I have heard some weird stuff about them
  5. Thank you for the positive feed back regarding this product and our service.
    Much appreciated.
    Cheers Alex

  6. I've been wearing Taichi for 2 years now.
    Have been dealing with Alex for a year or so during that time.

    I will only wear Taichi leather and Alex will be getting my business every time.

    Enjoy your coat.
  7. Hehe...
  8. From what I've heard, Taichi is actually superior to some of the big brands.
  9. True - those that scream the loudest are not necessarily the best

    Think "quiet achiever"
  10. I just got a white one, Jap Large, 38/48
    It definitely has more heft to it than you think! Ridden in a few times now and I think I just got it in time for the lovely weekend!
    I guess it was that hot this weekend that I was still pretty warm in the jacket but I'm sure I'd be positively sweltering in the Dri-rider jacket.
    The fit was pretty snug so hopefully I don't put on any weight anytime soon.

    All I need to get is white pants/boots/gloves and I can look like a white power ranger

    I'm super happy with the jacket and again thanks to Alex at MRG.

    Lets see how much tax I need to pay then I'll think about new boots and gloves lol!
  11. I scored a used (ie been in a stack) one on ebay for $104. I took a chance on the size (M) and it fits perfectly, if a little close around the chest, being a mens cut.

    The damage was a little more extensive than the photo led me to belive, but mostly consists of some scuffing to the leather, which I'm progressively fixing with the aid of some leather paint ($10), although a bit of the plastic armour is also a little bashed and there's a few stitches gone on an elbow . The airbag has gone off and not been repacked, although it was sent to me with the jacket. I'm not sure that I'll replace it, as the hump alone adds quite a lot of bulk to the back of the jacket, and looks a little OTT on a medium seized person like me, especially when I'm using it for daily riding.

    It's a beautiful, quality jacket and amazingly ventilated. I'll post some pics when I get it fully tarted up.
  12. Good work on snaring one from ebay. Genuine Taichi gear is a rarity on ebay Australia I have found.
  13. I picked one up yesterday off Alex. Same colour. Love it. Thanks again Alex.
  14. Where can you buy this for $600 or less? Alex doesn't sell rs taichi gear on his site anymore
  15. unfortunately at $726, that puts it out of my budget