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RS Taichi Fog Out for Visors/Lenses

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by phongus, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone!

    I thought I'd do a quick review on the RS Taichi Fog Out spray for motorcycle visors.

    For a while now, I have been riding with the visor slightly ajar to remove fog during the winter months...even during rain which is not ideal. So I thought I'd try this Fog Out stuff even though I was a bit skeptical.

    It usually only takes one breath to be completely blind while sitting at the lights. After one application of Fog Out on the visor and it worked like a charm. It takes an effort to see any effect on the visor (imagine someone hyperventilating) and the effect isn't even that bad, instead of fogging up, it blurs slightly but you can still see out of the visor. I also applied this stuff on my glasses and it hasn't caused any damage to the lens (but I may not have any special coatings on it...so do this at your own risk if you think your glasses may have some special coatings). It works well on both although more applications required on the glasses (due to more frequent cleaning...damn fingerprints!). So if I don't clean my glasses often it will last even longer.

    Now I have been using it for about 2 weeks or so. First week the Fog Out lasted 5 days...due to some error on my behalf. Having cleaned my glasses and not re-applying Fog Out, I rode out in the rain and my glasses fogged up, requiring me to open the visor which got the inside of the visor wet and thus remove the Fog Out coating in patches. So a re-application was required.

    Second week is still going. I put one application on the visor on the 10th of June and it is still working till today (18th June). The glasses I have had 2 applications. The only difference between day one and today would be that I can now see slight blurring when I sit at the lights for too long or if I decide to breath heavily because I can. The blurring isn't too much of a concern once you get going again since it clears up pretty quickly and to my surprise, there still isn't any fogging at all. So 8 days since the first application and it still works as it should :).

    So from my test so far, in both rain and cold weathers, it has worked as it should and I am pretty happy about it. No more cold face arriving at work/home :D.

    NOTE: For those who clean the inside of your visor regularly might see more frequent application. As soon as you clean the applied area, you will remove the Fog Out layer. So if you're like me and only let the rain clean your helmet, it will benefit you the most :D.

    Hope that helps for anyone that might have issues with visor/glasses fogging up. I was going to do a video to demonstrate, but I got lazy :p.

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  2. Well it looks like it lasted until this morning. Everything was fine until I stopped at the lights and it just went blurry. I thought nothing of it until I realised that the blurring didn't go away as quickly as before and seeing as this morning was rather cold and rainy it didn't help the cause. I traveled about 15km and the mist spray from the cars, rain and the blurry got too much so I had to stop and give it a good clean on the inside and put another coat on.

    I applied this coat rather quickly. Didn't let it dry enough before I spread the excess over the visor and just road off, it was great for a while, until my helmet some how let rain through the visor (I believe my seal is kaput) and thus I had a few patches of fog which grew bigger and bigger. Usually with a bit of rain coming through it would still do a great job, but I think due to the haste of my application it may have reduced the longevity. Now that I am at work, I applied another coat of the spray properly and will get back to you all to see if the 10 day longevity per coat is repeatable :).
  3. Awesome, fogging up is a pet hate of mine in the cold, I can never decide whether to just ride open or if I should try not to breath (not practical), or just open it for 5 seconds every minute. Will give this a go, proper applications once a week sounds like the go!
  4. Thanks for the feedback regarding the anti fog spray. Funny thing, the other day i was in a bike shop demonstrating this product on helmet and at that exact time a customer walked up to the desk. The store person actually was wearing the helmet at the time and you could visible see the difference. What do you think the customer asked for! :)
  5. Ive got that CatCr@p, it works similar to yours............But ive gone back to visor inserts, those things work the best.........far better than what you have and the CatCr@p I have.
  6. Well i would love to test them against each other.
    Where did you buy your catcrap from?
    And what brand helmet and visor inserts you using?
    So have you tried my product or are you saying better, comparatively speaking?
  7. this stuff works as advertised! very impressed.
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  8. #8 Azz, Jun 19, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2013
    EDIT: Product link from OP no longer goes to product

    Well winter is here again so time to revive this thread & hopefully get a full season review of the RS Taichi fog out spray?
    I've been using catcrap (purchased a few years back at either Bikemart or P.S but can't remember). Catcrap is ok if you thoroughly clean the inside of the visor first then apply the pastey stuff & thoroughly buff it. But personally I'd prefer a spray applicator!
    I have a Fog off mask that I use when riding solo, but as I have been motorcycle travelling with my wife & we use Scala headsets the mask makes it near impossible to communicate.
  9. Wouldn't mind trying it too. I live in the gully of the Yarra river in Melbourne and commute next to it for most of the way and it's colder than the rest of suburban Melb. I must also breath hot & moist. My AGV GP-Tech wasn't made for pinlock so I tried a Fogcity stick-on universal anti-fog insert. Worked OK but the gap between the edge of the visor opening and the visor was just narrow enough that it scraped the surface of the insert every time the visor was opened or closed. After 2 days the surface was so buffed it looked like it was fogged up when warm. Had to pull it off. $30 wasted.

    Has anyone brought stuff from Motorcycle Race Gear? 'cause they have the spray...

  10. Hi,
    Have not got the spary stuff but have bought plenty from Alex at MRG and would highly recommend him and all the RS Taichi gear. He does not have a shop front but is located in Roweville and is happy for you to go to his place to have a look at stuff you are interested in.
    So far I have -
    Summer Jacket
    Winter jacket
    Rain gear
    3 pairs of gloves
    All top quality and have done exactly what they have said they would.
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