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RS 250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by GO.250, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. I have a aprila rs 250 . Im looking for a new sound and have thought about removing the packing frm the silencers.Now saying this :- will that modification change the back pressure of the exhaust and if so will i have to shorten the silencer to compensate. Has any body benched flowed a silencer then removed the packing then rebench flowed it ? Or i could just buy new mufflers from b concepts,remove the flanges from the expansion pipe then fitt the new flanges and mig them on then fitt the silencers.The diffenrece being cost .What do you run ?. Is there a BOLT ON after maket silencer for it.Also refering to top end rebuilds is the cheepest price from suzuki or aprila;-if from suzuki am i looking for vj 22 parts or vj23 ?. sorry about the many q's. has any one got a road regod rs250 with aftermarket pipes on it i need to hear your setup .

  2. hello and welcome to net rider.

    my 1st bike was a TZR250 (2stroker) and when i took the baffles out it sounded horrible and popped alot.

    whats wrong with the sound of the RS?

    may i also ask what top speed you have reached on the RS?
  3. sorry i forgot to mention my first bike was a mighty suzuki RG250 with after market bolt on silencers (the last set the shop had).My second bike was a VJ21 with a set of straight thru mufflers made by a good mate no baffles it wass the type of when there are cops dont even try and use the throttle and when in power band it sounded like the good old days of the 500gp i recently gave the mufflers to a good mate but im going to see if he still wants them they are way loud all stainless steel too, good for clearing out unwanted 2 stroke oil . top speed is the laws rated speed youd better pm me for more info :)
  4. well the top speed on the speedo for the TZR250 was 200km/h. and from what i have read ;) it reaches that at 12,000 RPM in 6th gear.
  5. did you notice that you're riding a 2 stroke. how new of a sound were you looking to get out of it? perhaps you could tape some speakers to it and play some soothing nature recordings :p :p