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RS 125 or RS 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jim, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. OK – so I’m new to riding and have decided on an RS 250 or RS 125 for my 1st bike.

    Yup, stupid decision I know but I’m just after a bike for fun on weekends to ride in the country on our winding roads and I really like what I’ve read and seen of these bikes.

    I’m just wondering if anyone could give some advice on which would be better for a new rider – ie are they pretty similar in terms of difficulty to ride etc. I’m just over 6ft if this makes any difference. Also, just a bit concerned about buying a used RS 250 as I don’t want to end up buying someone else’s track thrashed machine – is their anything in particular to watch out for in buying a used RS compared to other bikes?

    Thanks heaps – any advice would be great!
  2. The search function is your friend!

    An RS125 would be similar performance to a 4 stroke 250. I don't know what the 06 models are like though.

    The RS250 are great fun, but like the RGV, watch out for the power band. Without knowing what your riding experience is like, you wouldreally need to take your time to get use to the bike before you really try and chase other riders.

    You can also google around about RGV/RS250s and find out what to look for, basically look for any screws/bolts that have been drilled and that is a very good indication it was a track bike, try and find out as much history about a bike as possible.
  3. So you are choosing a bike that is widely seen as "difficult" for newbies by most people, and you will only be riding it on challenging roads, and only for a few hours a week. Sounds like a recipe for success.

    That said, id go for the RS250 :D

    You could also look at the Mito 125 if you are interested in that sort of bike.
  4. Neither...
  5. Thanks for the advice. Agreed its not the most sensible choice but I am happy to spend the time developing my riding skills on something a bit more challenging - hopefully will result in some good rides rather than broken bones!

    Just need to make up my mind on a new 125 or used 250...
  6. Get the RS250. Go easy on the throttle at first and get the hang of it. Once you got the handle of the power band - you'll have a ball. That said the RS250 drinks alot of petrol! More so than the litre bikes (19ltrs in the tank). Also consider the extras like 2 stroke oils and the service headache.

    Other than those - they're great bikes... I had one for over 3 years.