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RS 125- engine run in

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by nathan2145, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. hey guys

    Just had my Aprilia rs125 engine rebuilt and been loving going for a ride but i'm starting to get a bit worried.

    the mechanic explained with the new rebuilt engine it's still important to give it a squirt into the power bank so all the chambers can expand etc, he specifically said don't ride around and just keep the revs low cause thats not going to help the bike, but alos don't go GP racer and start red linning it cause its' still a new engine.

    so i've followed the instructions exactly, creeping it into the power bank then easing off, only doing so when the bikes warm and not doing it too much so the bike can be properly run in.

    but i checked the manual and what other people are saying, and they recommend the bike should not go past 6.5 revs on its first couple of rides, (which i defedintly have not been doing) and i think after reading that i'm starting to get a bit paranoid cause when i ride the bike now i think i can hear like a rattling gurgling noise but when in neutral and reving it there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the bike's sound, and defidently sounds better to when the bike was stuffed like b4.

    is the info the mechanic gave sound right? should i ride any different? or is it too late?
  2. Your mechanic's advice sounds right. My RS is brand new so we're on the same boat here.

    It is advisable to vary the rpm and make sure you give her a good kick when your stop-starting. you will eventually foul your plugs if you don't ride her hard enough. I'm running a colder plug NGK BR10EG. The bike was initially using the BR8 (warmer) but I find the 10 is responding better on my engine.

    I tend to launch at about 5k rpm, go up 2nd and 3rd on 8k rpm. Ok I admit I do speed a bit to get to powerband, but eventually slow down to the speed limit. When I'm at that speed, the needle sits at around 6k rpm, so if you're cruising, you don't really want to be lower, as it ride's like a POS so you should be in a lower gear. Occasionally I'll go WOT to 11k rpm on 2nd/3rd gear. This is essentially my version of "varying the RPM's". Everyone will have their own style but hope you catch my drift.

    The manual only states to stay at certain rpm's per odometer distances etc, as It's purely for legal reasons and a safety net precaution. There is so much debate on this.. Besides it's a 2 stroker goddammit!!! :p.

    I'm not going to convince you how to ride your bike, except for the fact that my routine on running the bike in is working nice, since everything is running smooth and that I've yet to fault anything with her. I always warm her up 2-3 mins, ride out the 1st km below powerband, and then fire her up. Use good oil too. I use Motul 710.

    Just enjoy her mate and stop worrying! :D
  3. I think i'm slowly discovering this. The first couple days I had the bike I was taking off at about 3k and was disappointed at how sluggish it was. The past few days I've been inching it up to around 5k and it's getting better. Still getting comfortable with the clutch - every once in a while I have a pretty jerky start, but that's what learning's all about!

    I have noticed that when I take off there is a period of a a second or two before I get off the clutch completely and then the rear wheel seems to "catch" (?) and then I can properly accelerate... I assume this won't be as noticeable once I start launching at higher revs and take off a bit quicker?
  4. thats how i've been riding her, putting plenty of pressure and hitting the revs up and then crusing at around 6rpm then have a play again, just to keep it loaded. but i just got a bit worried cause i had a look at some other sites and the maunual which was suggesting otherwise.

    just wanted to double check other people are told the to do the same technique. cheers for the help!

    and jpdyoung, defidently more revs, gotta remember the smokers aren't like 4 strokes you got to give it to em to realise their full potential. The way my mechanic explained it, these bikes aren't just for cruising, you have to give it to em to keep em moving, and they hate staying at the same rpm's for a long period of time, make sure you use plenty of the rpm's to get them going at the start (once they are properly warmed up) and plenty of corners and varying speeds.

    it's all clutch play, and practice will make perfect.
  5. Good work, nath, sounds like you're having a ball. The advice I've heard on these from most people in the know (ie: aftermarket parts run in procedures) is that you do need to give it a bit of stick, also deceleration off the throttle without using the clutch (limited on a 2T, of course, due to lack of lubrication while doing this).

    One procedure I've heard was to use no more than a quarter throttle for ten minutes, then half for another ten, and then breif runs approaching redline for another ten. After this ride it however you want.

    I used that approach on my RS125 - pottered down the street, then got a bit more feisty on a favourite windy road, then did 200km pretty much flat out. Its run for several thousand kilometers so far without any problems, so I think it has worked well. I've also noticed a bit of a gain in the top end power since the rebuild.

    Cheers mate - boingk

    EDIT: Wait until you get 10,000rpm clutch-feathered starts down! Very fun for the occasional quick start.
  6. That's pretty much what I've heard from everyone about these bikes. I went for a ride tonight with a mate and I tried to keep it about/above 6k while cruising and unfortunately there weren't too many corners tonight but I made the best of the powerband when I could :) One thing I did notice tonight which I'm taking as an indication that something needs adjusting: when I'm accelerating into the powerband and shift up, there is a 1-1.5 second "lag" before the bike responds and accelerates properly. I haven't noticed it until tonight and I'm wondering if it means that the carby needs cleaning/tuning (or possibly something else?) Any ideas? :?
  7. i really have no idea what i'm on about but...:)...i'm guessing clogged powervalve? fouled plug?

    i hear its an easy fix. *shrugs*