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RS 125 EFI Warning + No Smoke

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Tildette, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Ahoyhoy all

    Title says it all really. I was riding my RS 125 yesterday and the red warning light came on along with the EFI symbol appearing. Got to my destination fine but when I fire the bike up again it doesn't smoke at all, warning lights come back on when I rev it a bit. Yes there is oil in it...

    The owner's manual description of the EFI is pretty vague. Oil not getting through perhaps? Any other ideas?

    If that's the case would chucking a little bit of oil in the fuel tank help me get the bike back to the dealer (I'll be going from Springwood to... Springwood) sans major risk of engine seizing? I would happily take the bike apart myself but it's located somewhere not really appropriate to do so.

  2. Is there 2 banger oil in the little tank for it? Haven't run it dry have you? Generally when warning lights come on its a good idea to stop not continue along....
  3. Definitely oil in there! I'll be topping her up anyway though.
  4. Yeah if no oil is getting through just put the normal mixture straight into the fuel tank
  5. Look at the clock, Is it displaying an error code rather than the time? In any case Red Triangle and EFI is a No oil warning as you have diagnosed.
  6. Yeah no oil injection means throw is straight in the tank. The Aprilia injector system meters between 1% and 3% oil to fuel, I'd use 2% (50:1) and top up with 300ml per 15L tank, or 200ml per 10L fill.

    BTW, the best oil I ever used in mine was the Valvoline 2T 'Race' from Supercheap auto. I believe they still sell it in 1L bottles for $10 or thereabouts. Its JASO-FC rated (Aprilia recommended standard) and performs very well, not to mention being cheap! Should probably add that I got 12,400km from a topend before replacement using that oil with only normal minimal-type wear and very minimal deposits (wiped off head with a cloth).

    Cheers - boingk
  7. One might hazard a guess you're pretty knowledgeable on the little two-banger. :p
    The problem was rectified by topping the oil up, but it was already at least half full beforehand and I'm more inclined to think it's not specifically an oil level problem because the -low oil- warning should have come on rather than the EFI. The light and EFI symbol came back on today when the bike was taking a thousand attempts to start (thought I was gonna kill the battery). Oil was chockers, indeed to the brim, so I just topped it up -to the point of overflowing- (wouldn't have put more than maybe 50mL in), realised I'd overtopped, took maybe 20mL out, and BAM! she fires up fine. Any ideas?
  8. The ole, "I checked it, it was still there" trick?
  9. Got the same thing on mine at the moment. The blokes as 125sportsbike forum said it is the TPS sensor out of wack. I'm not 100% sure how to set it right again so I'm taking it to a mechanic and will let you know.
  10. After going for a ride is the level dropping? Ie is it the oil pump not pumping instead of a level issue?
  11. Thanks, interested to see what comes from that... have definitely read that that is a common association with the EFI warning in my research.

    Since first encountering the temporary warning/lack of smoke I haven't ridden extensively (due to exam cram) so a change in oil level is difficult to judge. But indeed I'm suspicious it's a pump problem.
  12. By the way, shouldn't be smoking at all when the engine is warm
  13. Tildette - Yeah mate I built mine from a wreck as a first bike then rebuilt my brothers after piston lip met exhaust outlet!

    Whiteyy - Yes, it should smoke... but not under cruising conditions. If you are hard on the throttle or give it a blip or two at the lights then yes, it will be leaving a trail of smoke. The oil injection is responsible for this as it operates according to engine rpm and throttle position, giving more or less oil (1 to 3% total mixture) depending.

    I would suggest you may need to bleed the lines to the injector pump - simply check them for air bubbles first. I once found mine needed a bleed through after I almost emptied the oil tank after a long trip.

    The TPS (throttle position sensor) would also make sense as it will be affecting the amount of oil injected. I have not had to recalibrate one so do not know what is involved, but do not imagine it would be a particularly demanding task. Do an internet search on 'Aprilia RS125 tps calibration' and you should find what you're looking for.

    Cheers - boingk
  14. Have you taken yours in yet? Any word? I just took mine for the first ride since she was returned to me. The main issue in all this (bike taking a thousand tries to start) is still there, not idling I wouldn't have a clue because I fear letting the revs die down, the other issues were intermittent but I get the feeling are still there too. I mentioned the TPS but don't think it was investigated. I can't help but have that wee little feeling they treated symptomatically in what they found (I believe they gave her a bit of a clean and adjusted the air-fuel mixture) and not the true cause, whatever it is. I could be way wrong though. They said it started just fine for them. :-k
  15. Time to check the reeds?
  16. Sorry mate I haven't booker her in yet. Bike went for a slide and just finished putting most of her back together. I'm hoping it happens this weekend and I'll let you know.
  17. Hey mate, are you running ethanol fuel in your bike? I was running 91 ethanol (95 RON keeps fouling plugs and most stations in NSW only have ethonal crap) but the past week I switched it to standard 91 from cheap stations and the light is now gone.
  18. Hey dude. I was hoping to return home today (from smash repairs, joy) and say I'm running 98 and the problems were mostly when it had 91 when I first got it. But... today the warning light returned on warming up the bike. Mine generally runs better on 98.

    Today, switched off the engine and fired her back up. Light came back on. Rode around the corner to have a chat to the dealer I bought from. Came back out to the bike after it had sat for a few minutes. Light is gone and I rode home worried and tense. Typical. Also to note, when warming her up I thought she was smoking less than usual (ie. needed to be revved stupidly high to smoke and didn't smoke the place up for the whole 5-10 minute warm-up period). DEFINITELY LOTS OF OIL THOUGH (people are quick to jump on this, and the oil warning is different to the EFI warning).

    It might be totally unrelated but I'm gonna look at trying different spark plugs. Smash repairs put a new one in and indeed the problem is back, but it's at least worth seeing what runs best for me.
  19. I'm running a derestricted bike and use BR10EX plug in mine
  20. Aren't like, all the RS 125s in Australia the derestricted version? (and so putting an 8 in will wreck it)