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RRdevil's epic boob thread, plus a coupla other things

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by RRdevil, Oct 12, 2013.

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  1. Went for a nice day down victor harbour with the family today. It's a very motorcycle popular area. God knows why, I'd rather actually ride my bike than park down the beach. Anyway there was a long line of bikes, in the list was several Harleys, a z1000 a few gsxr1000 a few fireblades, r1, and a couple s1000rr's and a slew of learner bikes (can't tell they all look like the same trash to me). As we walked along, myself and the family I said to the wife 'lets go over here to confirm my suspicions'. My suspicions being that all of these bikes, Harleys are pardoned, would have massive chicken strips with knob head poser riders. If I wasn't with my family I would have taken photos. But god damn what the hell is wrong with people. They should be embarrassed at the waste of a good motorcycle. All of these bikes (the sports bikes) had chicken strips on the rear at least 2 inches wide, while the fronts where even worse. I'm thinking it should be illegal for these people to hold a license and that they are a waste of space and the poor bikes are just begging to be given more. If you were one of these people down the harbour today. Please explain yourself. Actually don't, I don't really care you should be embarrassed about what your tyres say about you, you posing knob heads. Anyway rant over. Please discuss :D

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  2. What's a chicken strip? Sorry but I can only read english.
  3. You're a hard man Devil. But worse than that you made me go out and check mine, 3/4 ", but I've got an excuse, I ride like granny these days.
  4. You know what a chicken strip is. Don't act stupid. But for your pea sized brain.

    Chicken strip: the strip of unused tyre on the shoulder of the tyre that has never seen contact with bitumen
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  5. What's an acceptable strip size for a bike used primarily on the road?
  6. front/rear wear differences can depend on riding style and suspension setup. But there is no reason why one cannot wear them to the edge front and rear. There is still grip beyond that.
  7. What if they just got off their Ps and getting use to their upgrade bike?
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  8. uploadfromtaptalk1381556808462.
    Not acceptable.
    Better but still got shed loads of grip available
    Even better
    Godly lean angle
  9. Did you nod?

  10. .. but they did in the quote. Weird.
  11. The size of these strips where indicative of a poser motorcyclist who is a waste of the air I could be breathing.

    I believe this is a good gauge

    No I didn't nod. I shook my head. And walked away. I did however see something else of note. They all appeared to put their left glove on first. This is another sign of their waste of air status
  12. I ride a cruiser. My chicken strips are set by my floor boards.
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  13. LOL.. what's with the elephant? Interesting concept though - provide people with a clear way to measure the size of their gonads (or lady equivalent) without having to flop them out and scare the innocent bystanders :).

    I reckon about where the first strip on the elephant is would be about as far as I feel comfortable with on the road. Yes, there's still plenty in reserve, but that's kind of the point :)
  14. Hence why I excused the Harley riders.
  15. We are aware of this problem, it has been traced to the server farm in Sydney run by the sites CDN provider. They are working on finding the rogue machine.
  16. So you subscribe to the safety strip mentality
  17. Should the size of the front and rear chicken strip be similar? Or should there be more on the front than rear?
  18. Macclesfield road. Not pushing too hard and the elephant has lost his head
    Still a few mm to play but was out with a mate on a varadero and his cousin who hadn't been riding long. So was doing the nice guy look after the new guy thing
  19. Nah, I'm just chicken :)
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