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N/A | National RR271 illegal to let go of your handlebars at the lights

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jmc, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Holy shizzlesticks.

    Apparently you have to keep one hand on the handlebars at all times, even when you're stopped at the lights :shock:

    And it's illegal to take your foot off the pegs when the bike is moving. So using your feet to manoeuvre the bike into a parking spot while the engine is running is also illegal. :shock: :shock:

    I never knew about either of these which is just as well coz they're both about to be scrapped, see page 10

  2. ""As with all of the Rules Amendment Packages, the amendments in the 10th Amendment Package will only take effect once they are adopted into the law of each state or territory. This means that a state or territory must pass a law adopting the amendments before the amendments will apply in that state or territory.""

    This could be an issue with Victoria's archaic attitude to road rules
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  3. Oh good. I had talked to Qld TMR about those two rules and they said they were trying to get them scrapped (my response letter is in one of the historic threads here).

    Good to see some action.
  4. Yep, known about these rules for years, glad to see them go.

    I believe there is also a rule preventing standing (on the footpegs) when riding!
    Not such an issue on a roadie, however, this is a very common practice on Dual-sport (adventure bikes) & off-road bikes.
  5. Dunno, may have already scrapped that in Vic, from the VicRoads Learners handbook:

    "Ride over bumps by raising yourself a little on the footpegs"
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  6. damn it... anyone notice rule 197

    pain in the ass for corner marking, but also, no stopping on a path? what will that do to melbournes footpath parking?
  7. Yea I think the standing on footpegs thing in Vic is clearly not applicable.
    Every time I take off I shove my ass in the air to let my pants settle down to my ankle as the armour creeps up leaving my shins cold.

    The whole maneuvering thing is a bit outdated me thinks, I understand they would have hoped to prevent some ass careering into shop windows or parked cars by accident?
    I'm not understanding both hands on the bars. While riding yeah but at the lights?
    What's the OFFICIAL definition of this in each state, or like the submission are we talking Auswide?
  8. AFAICT the specific amendment applies to traffic islands, not footpaths. The legislation should clarify that, but be aware that reference to footpath parking will NOT appear in any NTC and ARR documents because other states don't have it.
    CBF's looking up the VRR exemption for footpath parking but it's there somewhere.
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  9. FWIW I was riding with a mate who got infringed for standing on his pegs. To be fair he was standing bolt upright with no hands on the bars either, but the charge was specifically 271(a) sit astride the rider's seat facing forwards'
    and not 271 (b) ride with at least 1 hand on the handlebars.

    Mind you, this was in San Remo (Philip Island) on a MotoGP Sunday and they were hand out tickets like confetti. The charge was a bit harsh on one hand, and turning a blind eye on the other.

    Existing Vic Rule:

    271 Riding on motor bikes and motor cycles
    (1) The rider of a motor bike that is moving (other than a rider who is walking beside and pushing a motor bike), or the rider of a motor bike that is stationary but not parked, must—
    (a) sit astride the rider's seat facing forwards; and
    (b) ride with at least 1 hand on the handlebars; and
    (c) if the motor bike is moving—keep both feet on the footrests designed for use by the rider of the motor bike.
    Penalty: 5 penalty units.

    The basic intention of the rule is to stop stunting. IMO.
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  10. Yes they have been around for a long time, but really has anyone ever been fined for these offences whilst doing the above examples? I very much doubt it.
  11. I seem to recall a thread where someone did receive a fine for taking a foot off the peg to relieve a cramp.