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RPM Motorcycle Service/Mad Biker (Ferntree Gully)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Oldprop, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Hi

    My Suzuki GSX650F needs a 6,000km service and I don't have the time to do it myself (this one anyway). Anyone know of RPM Motorcycle Service or Mad Biker in FTG? Any good (or bad) experiences? Not really concerned about cost saving - rather have a great job done.


  2. MadBiker was really good when I took the bike there. But I also heard few bad stories.

    Mototecnic is the place I would take my bike to.
  3. Been taking my bikes to Madbiker since he started. He's good.
    Also had good experiences at Pablos which might be closer to you.
  4. Thanks a lot guys
  5. +1 mototecnic I always go there, tell drew greg with the red Daytona sent you
  6. Cheers Greg. Let you know how I go on.:)
  7. RPM should be good too, they're the guys that were in Jeffreys workshop before Jeffreys shut down.
    I think we're a bit lucky out this way, we have Mototechnic, Mad Biker and RPM all within a close radius. Oh and Dynoverks is also not far away.
  8. Thanks pwbike
  9. So, despite the recommendations, took the bike in to RPM on Friday to see how they went. Mick there was upfront about pricing and called me about a new front tyre which was needed in addition to the service. I was offered a low mileage used tyre but decided to go with a new one.

    Service and new tyre etc done on Saturday morning. I was walking into their workshop at the agreed time when Mick called me to tell me the bike was ready - no hanging around.

    After a quick chat about the meaning of life, jumped on and it is fantastic. Admittedly the new front replaced the OEM rubbish that was on the bike but even so, the service has breathed new "oomph" into the bike. Last time it was done by another workshop, the bike felt a bit sluggish (like it was carrying a bit of weight and running through treacle = bit like me really!> I had to adjust a few things to get it to run right. Not this time. Been on the bike all weekend again and the "thrill" is back.

    Felt a bit like Eugene Laverty today - well, felt it, not actually "did" it!

    RPM will have me for a while now.