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RPM fluctuation

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by peterngit, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Hi, i have a 2015 ninja 300

    When slightly applying the throttle at a fixed point at low rpm i cycles between 2k and 3k but when adding more throttle to about 4k rpm it is stable. wondering if this is normal, if its not normal what should i check to fix the issue?
  2. Is the tacho jumping about or is the bike lurching or surging?

    It's a cheap bike so it's got a cheap tacho. It will have some sort of damping mechanism in it, but I'm not sure it will be adjustable. Keep in mind if you do add more damping then it will tend ot lag your actual revs.

    If it's the bike surging then that's normal on smaller bikes ridden at lower revs. On your bike that's barely above idle, so get up it a bit more. You should only below 3000rpm in 1st.

    all that said, what do you care? You shouldn't be looking at your tacho until about 8000rpm and even then only on the race track.
  3. Check your chain mate.

    Mine was doing EXACTLY the same thing but at around the 15,000km mark. Was probably doing it for longer but that is when I finally got the shits with it.

    I had a section of the chain very tight (too tight), with another section very loose (too loose). I couldn't' find a happy medium between the two so new chain and sprockets were the order of the day.

    The bike response was dramatically improved with the new chain and sprocket.

    Have you been maintaining your chain? Be honest now... :p
  4. well it could be anything... you will have to give more details about it :)
  5. The problem is it's a ninja 300 ;)
  6. hahaha... exactly :)
  7. Further information, issue seems to only occur in gear one, and only when the clutch is not 100% pulled in or open, when i say 100% i mean 100%, it doesn't happen when i squeeze the clutch, but if i let out a bit of slack it happens all the way and including the fiction zone, The issue is while holding the clutch at any problem point as mentioned above, and apply and holding a fix amount of throttle, the rev will go where it supposed to be e.g 4k rpm then after a second or around there it feels like the engine powers down and rev goes down to around idle then comes back up, this repeats it self as long as you are in the issue area of the clutch and holding the same fixed amount of throttle
  8. fcuk mate, if you want people to diagnose a problem via text you need to form sentences and step through the problem better. The above is just babble to read. And, no, I'm not just being a pedant. It's critical to diagnosis.
  9. He made it all up anyway, "...including the fiction zone..."
  10. I think he's saying that if he holds the throttle steady with the clutch steady at the friction point in first gear the revs fluctuate when you would expect it to remain consistent. I would try and work out whether this is an issue with the tach or whether the engine really is blipping itself up and down (listen to the engine/exhaust). Again, we need more information and probably needs to be a lot clearer than what's been said so far.