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Royal Purple Oil

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by sanoptic, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Has anyone ever used Royal Purple engine oil ?.
    I use it in my 95' Triumph & it has transformed the gear change from notchy to super smooth.
    I have had the bike since new & have tried many oils [auto & motorcycle] to try & improve the gear change.
    Btw the RP oil that i am using is an 10w40 car syn oil & it does not make the clutch slip in the 6ksince changing over.

  2. Where can you get it from?
  3. What oil were you using before trying the Royal Purple? Royal Purple was one of the first fully synthetic oils available - but of course now practically every manufacturer has something similar in their product range.
  4. In the past i used Mobil Triumph oil
    Shell syn motorcycle
    Castrol GPS
    In my bike RP seems to work the best regarding gear changing i.m.o.
    Its been in the bike for over 6000ks & it has not used a drop.

  5. Sounds interesting. What model Trumpy you using it in?
  6. Its a '95 Daytona.

  7. have heard of it, but I am no oil expert. Thinking of giving it a try though. i had a look at their website and also Royal Purple's site. You said you used the car oil but they make a motorcycle oil called Max-Cycle. Any reason you chose the car oil? (other than the fact that it is not listed on the Performacelub website!)
  8. I emailed the Australian distributor www.royalpurple.com.au asking about the Motorcycle oil & they said to use the auto grade suitable for your bike which in my case is 10w40.
    I bought this oil several months ago so perhaps they have the motorcycle grade now.