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Royal National Speed Trap [NSW]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by boy.racer, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. Having not been down to the RNP since Jan last year, I was pretty gutted to see it today with more highway patrol cars that a police station car park.

    Took me over an hour and a half to get there from Frenchs Forest, so the disappointment was pretty staggering.

    80 zones, 60 zones, 40 zones, speed limits changing between corners and enforced with zero tolerance. Pretty sure I saw a few dudes that will be taking the bus to work for a while.

    Why do people continue to ride this road? It's a nice bit of road, but I felt very uneasy doing the speed limit with all that attention.
  2. probably because even at the speed limit it's better than riding the freeway
  3. you knew what to expect, since you have generated most of the complaints about the place

    this thread achieves...... what??
  4. Waedwe, I remember making a joke to similar effect...but my problem with it was really that in such a set of tight, twisty corners, I found myself staring at my speedo and making mistakes because of the changing speed zones. I was trying not to go over the limit, and doubt that I did, but for soe reason I was nervous and left feeling really bad.

    Hornet, I'm going to assume that you are alluding to me being patr1 (ala smokae), but you know that I'm not. We'll leave that there.

    I didn't really know what to expect, as when I did this trip last year, my uncle took me through as a very fresh learner and I doubt I even managed to do the speed limit.

    I guess this thread is unlikely to "achieve anything", so fair call. I was just a little rattled by the experience, and figured that maybe a warning to other riders still a bit green might be in order.

    It just struck me as a very intense experience, and not a way that I would usually like to spend my weekend...I waited all week to ride that road, and just ended up feeling nervous and a bit monstered.
  5. Patr1 was annoying. Buoy.racer is amusing. Surely not the same person
  6. Just adding 2cents here.

    I had the same experience today. Went for a ride to Lorne to shake the cobwebs off the new bike, found myself staring at the speedo so much that TWICE i ended up further left of the white line that what I'd like. Found it very frustrating as I'm just getting used to the bike, so I can't tell exactly how fast I'm going (i usually listen to the revs in a particular gear and can gauge how fast I'm going).

    Didn't see any cops, but you never know on the GOR..... ](*,)
  7. Where is the 40 zone? thanks for the heads up. People still ride it because between it and the old road, 100% of the half decent riding roads within easy reach of sydney are covered. People still ride it on weekends because the weekends are when they have their days off. I would seroiusly recommend taking a day off midweek to hit up the park and then keep going south, really worth it for some of the roads down there.

    A point to note that traffic in the park has easily doubled in the last fiveor more years and bike numbers have close to quadrupled (remember reading that somewhere) so it's an easy spot to target.

    Patr1 should still have a few months of walking to do.
  8. It's just a fact that wherever there seem to be good roads, people will push the boundaries for a thrill, and so the police will see it as a easy target, not going won't make your riding any more enjoyable, as lilley said just alter your time of visit or something similar. Also police reading about people avoiding the area will allow them to claim a victory over the biker menace they presume us all to be, and will just encourage them to saturate even more of our favoured roads

  9. wow, talk about constructive posting. from a mod too.

    let me guess, miranda devine is your idol? =D>
  10. wow. interesting choice of words...not sure to feel sorry for you and give you a hanky or tell you to harden the **** up.
  11. It’s an absolute disgrace that the police are out there punishing the law abiding majority for the actions of an extremely small minority. Good work by the Labor Party governmant for wasting an absolute shitload of taxpayer money and penalising the innocent by reducing speed limits.

    Why don't they do some work for once and tackle real crime?
  12. +1

    Obviously not the same person from what I can tell.

    boy.racer: serves you right for not coming the Central Coast yesterday like all the other cool dudes ;)
  13. I went through on Monday afternoon last week and even then passed a green HWP car on the way back up.

    Can only imagine what it's like on weekends, as I just won't go near the place. Having Mondays off can be a definite advantage.
  14. Sydney riders really are in a bind, though so I can appreciate the frustration. If you're buried in the depths of the suburbs you've got so far to travel to get to any sort of decent riding road (RNP in the south OPH in the north) that it makes it a real lottery.

    Having said that, the usual rules apply. If the road isn't suitable, don't ride it. If you're worried that you don't have sufficient skills and self-control to be able to ride in and around the speed limit and still have fun, then take the bike to the track or save up some time and money and head further afield where you can let it out a little more without having Mr Plod looking over your shoulder.
  15. qft. That is my practise now. Darkhorse, was the cop roaming or stopped? Was he at the top section (bundeena turn off area) or further south towards the bends?
  16. I agree to an extent. Public roads are not racetracks. But the sequence of events in the RNP is quite revealing: they spent years improving the road surface and only then decided to drop the speed limit by 20km/hr.

    So why did it support 80km/hr before improving the road and not after? There has been no answers provided for these decisions. Instead all that has happened is inundating the place with police. That is why people are disenfranchised.
  17. It's not only about the road surface, they would also take into account the number of people using it. That would also rightfully call for a speed decrease.
    As a pain in the a speed decreases are, you have to look beyond personal views on your ability in riding through any specific roads.
    All roads also belong to the road user who drive/ride under the limits.
  18. Of course. I'm a motorcyclist and RFS volunteer at a brigade that looks after a part of the RNP. So I understand the road can get very busy as it's used by residents of Bundeena and Mainbar, plus all the families heading to Wattamola and walkers who pull off the side of the road to get to tracks. The behaviour of drivers also need to be taken into account as some people have a hard time driving to the conditions (rougher surfaces, thin lanes, overtaking on blind corners). So yes, all these views need to be taken into account. But does it justify a 20km/hr decrease all the time and only after cleaning up the road?

    I'm not sure. Enquiries have lead me no-where to the reasoning used and there appears no consultations were undertaken (I have spoken to friends who commute from both Bundeena and Mainbar) as to the impact of these decisions. Also, I find it frustrating that these changes are applied all across the park despite justifications applying mostly to the upper half of the park with very few applying to the bottom half. Finally, the tight enforcement of speed limits is at great odds to the regular disregard to 10km/hr+ on the roads surrounding the park (particularly on the princes hwy).
  19. lol twainharte...I was sooking it up hardcore after that ride. A tissue would've been nice...my fear of demerit points turns me into a princess a bit :LOL:

    rc36, what you say makes sense. Living on the north shore means that most of the decent roads round here are high traffic, so I've got to go way out of my local area to have a decent day. But to travel a good hour and a half just to watch my speedo for the whole jaunt made my reach for the sorbent tissues :rofl:

    Lilley, I think one of the fourty zone I encountered was just after the bridge as you enter, pretty sure there was at least one in the park. May/may not have been recent..but the highway guys weren't really watching that section, they were further along near the lookout.

    On that whole speed decrease/higher traffic flow debate, it probably makes sense from a tourism perspective to get the ricky road racers out of the area as that has got to be a bit intimidating for mum dad and the kids in the car when they are only there for the view.
  20. Guys, thanks for the heads up on the extra fuzz located in the RNP. Last time I was there, I spotted a Highway Patrol snuck away just off the road. When I do have the time for a weekend ride I normally do the RNP as I just got so sick & really paranoid about the amount of cops on the OPH. I'm normally only doing the speed limit or thereabouts, but currently sitting on 9 points makes you very cautious.:furious: