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Royal national park today 1:30

Discussion in 'NSW' started by imagineero, May 18, 2012.

  1. Doing an rnp run today (Friday) if anyone wants to come along. Leaving Haberfield at 1:30 going down through campsie, rockdale, onto the princes hwy then rnp as far as thirroul or can turn off earlier if short of time. On a blackbird and sticking to the limit. Call/text on 0406 119 921


  2. Enjoy!
    Would be a good run with today's weather.. alas.. i'm stuck in the office..
  3. I'm thinking about making this a semi regular run, it sure is sweet hitting the RNP on a Friday. I went today, and last friday as well. From the entrance of the RNP to the point you hit the ocean I only had to overtake one car both this week and last. That says a lot! It sure does bring a pleasant momentum to the ride.

    No idea why, but there seems to be a lot less traffic southbound than north. To make this ride work in autumn I think you need to hit it a little earlier than I have been, maybe around 11:30. It's about a 3 hour return ride if you do the full route down to thirroul, longer if you stop for coffee. The weather is perfect at around 1-2, getting colder in the valleys by 3-4.

    I wouldnt mind taking one or 2 fridays off a month to make this a regular thing. If anyone's interested let me know. The weather has been awesome the last couple fridays - jacket unzipped, skies so blue they hurt your eyes.

  4. I'd be keen to hit it up, although is there still that unsealed section down the bottom? Last time I went through there in the car it was a fairly poor surface (that was a few weeks back though)
  5. not sure if we're talking about the same road... there's no unsealed section I can recall.

    If anyone's keen, I'm not doing Friday this week but I can do monday. Will probably leave earlier, some time around 11 and be back by around 2. The loop will start at either campsie, rockdale or in the city and follow the same route down princes highway, RNP to thirroul, then back up the freeway.

  6. Have you ever wondered why 95% of traffic is going the other direction to you?
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  7. I would have thought because most of the time people start from Sydney and head south the loop back via the hwy... also most riders in sydney would be heading out (i.e S in this case) where as if you live outside of Sydney why the heck would you want to be heading into it?

    Suspect there are alot more riding options outside of Sydney
  8. It ain't cause I'm keeping pace if that's what you're implying ;-)

    South kind I might only have to pass 2 cars before hitting the ocean. Same run northbound you can't really get a run at all... Your lookin at passing around 10x as many cars. 2pm is a time of day when commuting patterns don't really apply, and too early for school mums, too late to be heading into town for a bite etc
  9. Im keen for a friday run through the park, who am i kidding, im always up fro a run through the park, then either the old rd or coast rd loop,