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Royal National Park 24-2-08

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Aussie XX, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Went for a ride today through the park. Have not seen so much police in the park for years.

    Just before the entry there was a RBT, was pleased to see that they were oulling over cars as well as bikes. Got pulled over, had a license check, pretty much straight forwaward. RBT setup had a HWP car parked on the other side with a side mounted radar, not sure if it was operational.

    Nextr was a white Station Wagon with a speed camera setup, parked in a 60km/h straight section. Car had no rear or rooftop markings but side stickers only. Don't think he would have got many though as everyone was warning drivers & riders on appraoch.

    Next was a unmarked car with uniformed officers inside travelling in the opposite direction near the turn off to Bundeena.

    I have not been through there for a while but it was nice to see that they have repaired many potholes and damaged parts of the road.

    I don't know why I love riding through the park so much, there are better roads with more twisties but the RNP is still my favourite.
  2. There was a great-than-normal Police presence on the South Coast and Southern Highlands roads over this weekend too......

    Really, I know the RNP is close to home, but it's rough, full of rubber-necking tourists on the weekend and too close to Sutherland Police Station too; you should come down for the Macquarie Pass/Kangaroo Valley/Jamberoo loop :).
  3. Saw a couple in the mountain on the way to Berri today, but missed the ones in Nasho. We where only cruising so no issue anyway.
  4. The police have been targetting areas and moving about in force.

    Good move on their part, more effective for catching bad behaviour.
  5. I saw two on Saturday - radar sitting at the northern entrance, and one patrolling near the same entrance. I don't think I'm in any danger, because I'm scared/slow :grin:
  6. :LOL: glad i stayed north this morning. the old road madness was at an all time high with a bicycle race going on, along with the usual contingent of sunny sunday rossi's. it was bloody close to becoming dodgem bikes. but once missing feature! no coppers what so ever! NO THAT IS UNHEARD OF!

    bah, i think im keeping to weekday riding from now on :?
  7. I agree, I love the nasho!

    I don’t know why, there is defo some better roads out there but living in Sutho (5min ride from the entrance) its just to good to miss.

    I’m starting to know the whole road very well and just enjoy the ride every time!

    Im a bit over doing it during the weekend tho. Like has been said, to many tourists, rossies and popo. I norm have a 3hr or so lunch break and that gives me just enough time to go for a lunch run from Kogarah.

    But the second half of the run to Balled Hill is gold, knee down anyone :grin:
  8. ehm ... I went through it today and, on my way out, some mupppet in a sedan forgot to turn* and went straight into a cliff on one of the 35km/h-posted bends leading out to the first entrance.

    *this is actually what seemed to have happened. facepalm.

    btw do police patrol the park on weekdays?
  9. There is a notice on one of those RTA boards on the princes hwy at sutho saying the natio is closed due to an accident, maybe thats it