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Royal Enfield through Himalayas video - Enjoy!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by moog, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Hey Gang,

    Next year a mate and I are doing a motorbike tour through the Atlas mountains and The Sahara on KTM's through Morocco. He just got back from the Himalayas and thought you'd enjoy this vid.

    Anyone getting excited?
  2. wow.

    didnt get at all close to the edge there at the end...
  3. Just finished a simlar tour with Ferris Wheels. - Found myself smiling stupidly in front of the screen, as the memories caught up with me.

    very well done video - caught the atmosphere without inane commentary.

  4. nom nom nom, Royal Enfields.
  5. ahhhh...good ol days.
    have been to ladakh/leh some 4-5 times on my enfield and once on my Yezdi :)
    every time it was exciting and something new, can never get 'bored' or 'used to' that route :)

    If you ride an enfield in India and you havn't been to Ladakh, you aint considered a biker :p
  6. I wouldn't mind checking out the 2010 enfield C5's .. they look pretty neat. I've seen videos of some of the commuters in india too with them, doing things i never thouts REN's would do!
  7. i ve heard some good reviews about the c5. Many of the members of my enfield club back in India bought them, and have run them through endurance tests (touring all sorts of wrong places or even doing off road track days on them:p ) to test how good they are.
    I had a 1975's enfield bullet 500 and the 2006 Enfield Thunderbird.
    Enjoyed the thunderbird like hell....came out with great results from whatever shit I threw at it.

    Thats me on a 2004 royal enfield thunderbird in India :)
  8. i wish we had the sportsman in aussie, but the C5 classic looks good too.

  9. the cafe racer pic you posted, has the exhaust of a BSA Goldstar. Have one lying around extra back home :)
    Sounds amazing...gives a nice powerband to play on as well when used with a re-jetted flatside carb like the VM28 and a good air filter. (or none if you prefer).
  10. I'd love a new C5 classic EFI though, the burgundy colour, straight through pee-shooter and remapped to suit if needed, maybe the free flowing header that they offer too, but not much more than that. Apparently that combo brings it close to 30hp, and hey it looks good.