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Royal enfield efi. A viable motorcycle?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by kols_kebabs, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. The Bullet EFI (Aka. C5) is getting rave reviews on the forums I'm reading.

    I initially thought it was just an old iron barrel with efi, but it's an all new engine, unit construction even.

    Everyone who's bought a new C5 or G5 enfield on these forums is reporting they haven't had to do a single thing but change the oil in the first 10-20'000 miles. This is rather different to the old ones.


    Anyone heard of Australian prices?


    Putting the pillion seat on the accessory list is a bit tightarse.

  2. Certainly looks the business, but I remember the old ones used to be ~$10,000 new? God knows what they'd charge for something that isn't a 50 year old design.
  3. Old were $7-8000 I believe?
  4. Yeah, they were.

    I don't trust Royal Enfield yet. Their supposedly bullet proof er... Bullet.. was a badly constructed hunk of crap. Have a look through the Enfield forums and it gives you an idea of just how bad these bikes were.

    I love the concept, and the styling, but I'd want it to be built well.
  5. My brother-in-law has 2 of the things and he seems to be spending most of his weekends pulling the things apart and putting them back together ... (He has an old old Super Meteor and a 2007 Indian made bullet) give me new tech anytime
  6. ^^ agree strongly with both the above.

    Anything built before the efi is crap. Electras included.

    But the punters who're reporting on the new efi are, from the limited time they've had them, very impressed. Many with 10'000 miles up and not a spanner turned. No reports of serious issues. You didn't get that before.

    Wait a year or five and we'll know for sure.

    $8-9000 from NSW dealer motociclo.

    A bullet you could actually buy is the holy grail of classic bikes as far as I'm concerned.
  7. Go an SR400 instead :grin:
  8. Just came back from riding the older enfields in India.

    Good bike, but with all the baggage that comes with an older design.

    Wont even come near a modern bike for reliability, power, handling, braking, etc etc.

    BUT, a very rideable classic bike, and one that is truly suitable for places in the world where you MUST do your own repairs.
    In Aust, a flawed bike with character, and style. parts are available, which is a big advantage over other classics of the era, as there are plenty of parts for this bike available. And they are cheap. Imagine Harley or Ducati offering a sprung solo seat conversion for $250!. But Enfield do!.

    I would expect most of the reliability issues have nothing to do with EFI, or CDI ignition, but the fact the design is basically unchanged for many decades. Everything else moved on. Enfield didnt.

    I WOULD buy one for a second or third bike, just for giggles, but would not if I had to depend on it for transport.
    Depends on what you are expecting, and what you want.
    Only had praise for it in India, a modern road bike would have fallen apart on their roads. IN Aust is a different story.
  9. That's what I thought too, and I have a pretty high tolerance for mechanical stuff ups.

    But after reading some of the stuff on the Enfield forums, seperated pistons at 10,00k's on the electra models and the whole bottom end seizing up because of a oil starvation problem... that's just stuff that shouldn't have to be dealt with at all.

    Otherwise, I'd have bought and bobbed one by now! :grin:
  10. That must have been a great trip you did.

    Agree that efi is not important. I initially thought it was just an old iron barrel like you rode in India, with efi bolted on. But this is an all new, unit construction engine, from early reports there's hope they have finally moved on with this one.
  11. Write-up in the current AMCN - pricing is $9000 RRP, updates are new engine (still only puts out 20kW) disc brake on front only and electric start. Still built in India.

    I certainly wouldn't pay $9000 for it, but then it's not really my thing anyway.
  12. I was tempted by the Enfield a few years ago. Then it occurred to me that, for the same money, I could get a real Brit - a twin with some performance even - which would still be a high maintenance proposition but which would have some real, oil-dripping cachet and which would have some chance of delivering the raw edge feel that I found so alluring in MrsB's Brit twins before we sold them on leaving the UK.

    But then, I bought a Ural, so what do I know? :roll:
  13. I'd get an old Bonnie if I wanted something like that.
  14. Metisse Scrambler for me, Bonny engine would do. Not quite the same price range though!
  15. $8,990 + ORC apparently. Wootton did a breif a write-up in the latest AMCN.

    I'd buy one if I had a coupla spare bucks lying around...to go with the VMax, Speed Triple, Thruxton, RSV4 ... etc ... etc ...
  16. From hanging around the aussie Royal Enfield forums for the last few years (I'd love a RE, would sell the SR for one without blinking were they good enough) my sense of their problems (it's typical for engines to go bang at 10,000km) is not the age of the design so much as quality control. Oil starvation in bottom end and self-destructing pistons with no over-bore replacements being the big problems. Maybe also they're just pushed harder here (re speed and distance) compared to India? Will be following the EFI RE very closely re any issues, the bike not only looks like a classic it feels like one, more importantly. No Jap singles have ever achieved that feeling (or that lack of acceleration and speed!). Saw some of these EFIs in Bendigo for the first time a week ago. That blue is just not right to my mind, but otherwise fantastic!

    Every time I've invited an RE rider out on a ride they've either broken down and had to abort, or have arrived a a couple of hours late due to problems! And, Phanoongy, Dave (whom I assume you're talking about) went and did a bunch of preventative work on the Bullet to make a good bike, and still the hassles!
  17. Maybe also they're just pushed harder here (re speed and distance) compared to India?

    I think this is a significant point for many older designs. It was certainly an issue for the British industry as road improvements from the late 50s onwards allowed riders to run flat out for long periods, showing up cooling and oiling problems that just didn't manifest themselves when it was only possible to hold full throttle for seconds or even a few minutes at a time.

    That said, the Enfield as it stands is heavily restricted, at least in part to maintain reliability. That it often does not is not confidence inspiring.
  18. Wrong thread!
  19. "Reason"? Are you referring to my purchase tomorrow of a Honda I4?

    (Sorry Pat; it just became too hard!)
  20. Matt, is that tomorrow?

    When do I get a ride?