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Royal Enfield Cafe Racer concept

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mattb, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Royal Enfield have really been pushing ahead in the last couple of years, both in terms of sales, and innovation (compared to the previous fifty years).

    Apparently RE are looking pretty seriously at putting this into production in the next year or so, at slightly more than the price of the Classic ($8k).



    Gorgeous in my opinion. And with good marketing this could be a real hit with the LAMS market in particular.
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  2. Hell yeah mattb, thats what I'm talking about! Hopefully the engine has a few things done to improve the performance, as although its reliable/traditional etc... it really wouldn't hurt to extend camshaft duration or (God forbid) lift in the hunt for a bit more 'go'.

    Either way, she looks gorgeous. Thanks for the headsup!

    - boingk
  3. I get the sense that the new engines can be much more reliable. It's still hit and miss however as I see from lurking now and then on American RE forums. Derek Pickard said to me that he reckons that with the new engine they've picked their game up to only a 5-10% lemon-rate on their new bikes, which is unthinkable for a first world bike company but great for the REs.
  4. That looks fantastic. I've been drooling over the cafe racer conversion kits that are already available for REs but at $3k were beyond me
  5. At that price, what a great little extra to have in the shed for those "extra special" day putts..
  6. always have a soft spot for enfields.

    Link to the past?

    If under 10k, I wold buy one for those 'other days' rides.
  7. Wow, I think I need a new pair of pants.
  8. If you want to Trump that goggle Carbery Enfield,made in Melbourne.
  9. Wow :shock: That's a lot of bike for the money...

    It's a 500cc single yeah? Probably fall under the LAMS classification too if so...
  10. I'm with Nobby: I probably wouldn't ride it every day, or even many days, but I'd have it just to look at it, like a fine work of art, or an expensive bottle of wine that you don't intend to drink....

    Zim do a Netrider search on the Carberry; I posted some detailed stuff about it after I met an owner riding one last year; short answer, don't bother :(.
  11. Do you think it is fair and wise to write off the whole concept just because one sample turned out to be a dud? It certainly rises a warning flag, but I think I'd want to get a second opinion before dismissing it out of hand...

    As for this Cafe Racer concept... gorgeous! If it was built in Japan I'd be all over it.
  12. If I'd paid twice the price of the standard bike to get a bespoke V-Twin I'd want it to be PERFECT, and this one was not, despite numerous returns to the maker.

    Not good enough, considering you could spend the same amount of money and buy a reliable, well-sorted machine.

    The concept's fantastic, but as with most back-yard specials, the execution leaves a lot to be desired.
  13. Looking at the components on the bike (shocks, exhaust etc) I'd say that slightly over $8000 would actually be quite a bit over $8000, but would still be heaps better than a tarted up clapped out SR400.
  14. Thats a surprise,I know Anthony the builder and Ian Drisdale who did some of the design work.They had one at Bright on one of the Laverda runs and it went and sounded brilliant,
    way better than your average Harley and a bit cheaper than the top end Harley's.Sure its a work in progress but it impressed me.I did the search and didn't find any negative comments other than the standard I hope they fix the original long standing problems typical from building the original bike with really old tooling.Do you have a link.From what I hear anything they make is CNCed,you don't buy bikes like this to sit in slabs at speed for hours or commute.I would like to hear about the bloke you mets dramas,PM me if you like.
  15. I can't remember where I posted it, adn given my volume of posts :)roll:) it'd probably be impossible for me to find it, and I know what I'm looking for.

    Basically I rolled into a servo in Moss Vale as an older gent (black old-style leathers, black helmet, etc) was pulling in on his Carberry. Needless to say I was fascinated to see it and talk about it with the owner, especially after Jim Scaysbrook had given it a good wrap-up in Old Bikes Australiasia.

    The first thing I noticed was that the bike was leaking oil from the lower part of the engine cases, and that the entire exhaust system was coated with burned-on oil, indicating that this had been happening for a while. When I commented on it to the owner he just rolled his eyes and remarked that that was the least of his problems. He said that the bike had never fueled properly, and despite numreous recalls this had not been rectified. He also hinted that the build quailty in general was less than what he had expected given how much money he had paid for the bike.

    Usually when you shell out that much money for a device you'd tend to maximise its good points, but this particular guy, who, I gather, had had the bike for more than a while, was only prepared to talk about how disappointed he was.

    I'm not decrying the men who make it, I'm sure they are sincere and competent builders, I'm just saying that if I was paying that much money for a bike I'd want something that was better built, and certainly better sorted before I took delivery of it.
  16. Well if it leaked at least there was some oil circulating around and it was going which is a good thing.Being attracted to odd ball bikes which have CHARACTER,that old school for problems.As an owner you inevitably end up elbow deep,thats money and oil.I am surprised an older rider,the bloke you met wouldn't know this.Even the Enfield pictured above which looks very nice IS NOT A HONDA and anyone who blindly expects it to be should be warned.Carry spanners and spares and be prepared to use them
  17. I don't disagree with any of that, but $25,000 is a lot of oil-leaking character, I'm sure you'd agree......
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  18. Haven't heard of any others than that which have problems, apparently the engine is quite well made. I would say 'by all accounts' but the fellow with big problem on his bike would obviously not agree.... perhaps it was assembled or serviced incorrectly?

    The actual Carberry engines are not made by Royal Enfield as far as I know and are actually made by Drysdale Engineering - any problems and I'd be having a chat to them.

    Cheers - boingk
  19. I dont know for sure who assembles them but I dont think its Ian.BTW he is a great bloke to spend an evening with,wouldnt suprise me if he isnt back spannering on The Dakar at the moment.
  20. wow, that'd be a great gig!