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Royal Commision In To Catholic Church

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by b12mick, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. About bloody time.

    http://www.smh.com.au/national/unreport ... 290t2.html
  2. Did I say "public floggings"?
    I think I meant "lynch mobs"...
  3. Maybe the Anti Association Laws could/should be used against the church.

    I disagree, lynching, by the traditional method, is to good for these pricks.

    When I read and hear of this it makes me wonder why the fcuk people support such an organisation.

    Oh wait, that's right, the NSW Police and Government is full of god botherers.
  4. And the NSW Government actually does something useful.

  5. Perhaps they should look through the vatican's archives to find a punishment suiting these scum.
  6. Red hot poker up the jaxie is good for an entree. I think the main course should involve acidic substances.
  7. About time but I doubt anything will change.
  8. any organisation which prevents its leaders from marrying is always going to have men in it who have to find a substitute
  9. You mean like prostitutes? or little boys? :confused:
  10. Can be any. Prostitutes just tend to be slightly more discrete and less outrageous to the public.
  11. #11 Mr Flibble, Nov 9, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2012
    It was a retorical question, Lilley.

    Use of prostitutes would be seen as a more normal outlet. These kiddie fiddlers are just sickos. Hornet's post was pinning the blame on the Catholic church.
    (for the wrong reasons)
  12. When people in the church act like this, they are doing the opposite of what the church teaches.

    There should be a distinction between organisations that might teach destructive behaviour and those who simply contain people who don't follow the organisation's constructive ideals.

    That said, the catholic church should be doing everything it can to root out people like this, including using the support of authorities.
  13. Most muslims say the same thing about violence in the name of Islam.

    Organised religion is the common denominator - worship who or what you like, but the churches, mosques, synagogues, and whatever other house of worship you care to name should be razed, and the organisations that run them destroyed.
  14. castration is obviously a solution
    the local vet can do it and include
    a bucket
  15. ^^^^ And THIS is the issue. Historically, they have not. Rather they've been involved in cover ups.
  16. I would be the first who would stand up to scums like these. But this isnt a religious thing its the individuals who commit these that is on the wrong. These individuals also exists in secular institutions even today................shock treatment anyone?

    As for the victims, well theres always two sides............sometimes its the supposed offender that turns out to be the victim. Look at the unfair treatment of a catholic priest by Nick Xenophon.

    One also has to wonder the fairness in pointing the finger when that person is dead and can no longer defend themselves...........

    Police launchec an investigation..............order makes themselves available.............suspected pedophiles hasnt been charged.

    It could be that the evidence to charge these suspects werent solid enough................

    I agree with, this should be left to the police..........not to the politicians with an agenda, politicians who wish to pander to people who like to discriminate against anyone religious.

    Leave this to the police.....its their job to shift through the truth and BS.
  17. They would need anesthetist but apparently they cant because APPARENTLY these rapists and sexual abusers is rampant in that industry too.....................same with the deference forces, dentists, etc...............again, its the person, not the organization that is at fault.

  18. Look around you, notice that these organized religion do contribute and help out individuals and the community by a great deal.

    Razing them, really?

  19. I agree with everything youve said......................................they should leave it to the authorities, and not go on a witch haunt, the grubby politicians looking to score some more votes...............
  20. I'm sure Nick Xenophon didn't bastardise the priest in question.

    The problem with leaving it to the police, is that the police never see these cases b/c the church puts pressure on the victims not to report it, then transfer the priests to another parish to start abusing again. Why are these priests not turned over to the police by the church for investigation???

    I find it difficult to understand how the church as an organisation can condone this behaviour in the way they do. This is widespread, not just the work of a couple of bishops.