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Routes to get a "Wombat / Kangaroo" Selfie

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Voltran, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. Guys i was checking where does these animals live freely near low speed roads. Do you have route suggestions to take a selfie with these animals ?

    I wanna go play with them ! Especially those wombats, they will attract at least 50 girls in facebook with a single selfie and it will implant the thought of "have sex with this guy". I hope i could highlight the importance of this matter.
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  2. Photoshop it. Seriously.
    It'll be easier.
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  3. Almost got a selfie with two such creatures this morning with them as figure heads on my bike, saw them in time to slow down, if your relying on this to "pick up" you may want to find another past time
  4. Wombats don't like to cuddle. The solid little tanks have super sharp claws and can do 30km/h. If you want to try, keep the bike pointing away, and keep it running! Make sure you have a GoPro and keep it running for us here...

    Aussie wildlife doesn't like to be messed with.

    A wildlife park with a tame one might me a goer.

    Or get a new plan...
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  5. And as for kangaroos...

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  6. Omg, thanks a lot for these info's guys. Do we have a wildlife park near Melbourne at least to see these guys while they are lying around ?
  7. Stay away from the bike mate your obviously to pissed to ride.
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  8. Healesville Sanctuary
    Healesville Sanctuary | Zoos Victoria
    you ride past it on the way to Black Spur

    or ride around until you see one

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  9. I doubt that any girl would want to have sex with a wombat.....
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  10. eats roots and leaves?
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  11. What's wrong with eating roots and leaves, completely vegetarian, way much more healthy than my burgers.
  12. How about Alice Springs ? Don't we have shit load of natural life over there which you can grab or lure anything to have a selfie ?
  13. you mean indigenous folk?
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  14. No, i was trying to mean wombats, kangaroos, and other wild animals living there. (Sorry if it seemed like i meant indigenous people)
  15. :) there is not much at Alice springs.. lots of red dirt...

    Healesville sounds like a good idea.. at least if the Wombats or Roos try and rip your face off, there are Keepers to tranquilise them :)

    this is what happens when Roos want to have a selfie with you while riding :)

  16. Despite Australia's animals appearing cute and cuddly on glossy brochures held by Japanese tourists, most wildlife actually are savage creatures hell bent on stinging/biting/growling/eating or killing you.
    These man-eating devil spawn are like highway patrol cars and always hide behind bushes and only appear in your path as your doing 200+ while scratching your nose...never at low speeds when your expecting it.

    Thanks to breakthroughs in science, time distortion research, instagram and advancements in speed camera technology we can spare you from this certain death and produce you this ground-breaking image.
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  17. Your best bet would be fresh road kill and prop them up with sticks. If they are flat, a small incision in a lower limb just under the skin and insert one of your CO2 canisters from your puncture repair kit and fire it and that will help puff em out making them look more life like. Happy snapping ;)
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  18. Like this of a friend of mine image.
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  19. Sigh....okay, I'll bite. If you really want a selfie with a kangaroo, take a nice ride out to Bucchan Caves in Gippsland. In the picnic area, the kangaroos will try to steal your lunch because tourists feed them and they have become somewhat domesticated.

    But please don't approach wombats, koalas or kangaroos in the wild. You will end up with scars. Even our beloved Kookaburras will tear you a new one if they decide they want what you are cooking.

    The other place you can be guaranteed a selfie with a joey is Urandangie. You may have to Google it and you certainly won't be able to get there on a bike, or even a car for that matter. In October, I was at the Urandangie pub and was introduced to Kenny. Kenny is an orphan as kangaroo is the main diet of the locals. The locals bring the orphaned joeys to the pub owner who raises them before she releases them back into the wild.

    This is Kenny.

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  20. You could also try Melbourne Zoo or Werribee Plains Zoo.