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Routes in the Snowys (which ones should i do?)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by s3me, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. Well i'm off down to the Snowy Mountains to sample some of the best roads Australia has to offer.. and i can't wait. :grin: Will be baseing myself in Jindy (so i won't have to carry luggage for the rides) and i've planned out a number of various routes to take.. though the problem is i don't have enough days down there to try them all! (2 days)

    Which two would you do?

    If anyone has suggestions (ie. better in reverse) or alterations to the routes let me know.. otherwise i hope someone who has experienced these roads will be able to help me choose which ones to do, or let me know of any roads that i've missed that shouldn't be!


    Route 1:

    Route 2:

    Route 3:

    Route 4:

    Route 5:

    If you're wondering in the routes why the fuel stops are so close together it's because i've had to cater for someone on a Hypermotard who only gets approx. 150 km from a tank :shock:
  2. can't get the url links to work.. you'll have to copy and paste to view them..
  3. Edit them like this {url=http stuff} Click{/url} replace {} with []
  4. s3me
    I’d be definitely be doing ride 5 first but divert across the river at Jingellic for lunch at the pub. Doing a similar ride in a couple of weeks but staying in Cooma. A lot of good roads in that route, in particular Nurenmerenmong to Kiandra. Granya gap is short but lots of bends. In fact they’re all great. Don’t know what the Dalgety road is like but the rest is god’s own country for motorcyclists. :dance: Have done most of these roads in the last 6 months the road conditions are generally good. As for the second ride I would be looking to go where I haven’t been the day before so would probably do ride 3 to Tumut and cut across from Tintaldra to Corryong. Watch out for traffic (2 &4 wheels) cutting corners on blind bends. 8-[
    That’s my 2 cents worth.
  5. From what i'd read about some of the roads on ride 5, it seems like a 'must do'... Cheers for confirming!

    The pub at Jingellic.. might have to check it out.. though i did read that the pub at Tintaldra was a great pub that has its walls covered in motorcycle memorabilia and photos..

    Good idea with route three.. makes it a bit more manageable instead of the 700 odd kms.. though i am keen to do the ride to Tumet Pond RSVR at Cabramurra along Snow Ridge Road and Tooma Rd.. any experience with these roads?
  6. Yep, did Khancoban to Tumbarumba, great ride. click here Part of the ride is in your ride 5. Maybe you could base yourself at a different town say Corryong, Khancoban or Tumbarumba so you can include different roads. I see you have identified the major flaw in your plan, only two days! :-k :facepalm:
  7. Hubby & I went out there last yr & only had a 3 days. Our approach was to leave things undone & experience the beauty of Kosciuszko rather than cram things in & not appreciate anything.

    Have u considered getting into Jindy via Albury perhaps? The alternate route via Murray River road is absolutely Sensational!! Long winding open sweepers, allows for a little throttle :demon: & very quiet in general too. I'd suggest u fuel up b4 & then again in Walwa. Expect Khancoban to Jindy to take @ least 2+ hrs as r technical & truly amazing - allow plenty of time & plan NOT to get there at dusk or late as its a massive playground for wildlife - from personal experience, yes they're out in force!

    We're heading back again in mid Nov for another 3 days, I haven't even routed maps as will prob play it by ear this time. Oh & don't waste ur time on Charlotte's Pass, total disappointment, esp since we had to pay to get in!!

    Last time we based in Jindy too & did the Khancoban > Towong > Kiandra > Adaminaby > Beridale > Avonside > Jindy. This took about 6-hrs & was the most amazing route I've done to date. I adore the mountains in VIC, but this route will forever remain special in my heart. For me it was like travelling to another country as the terrain changed so much, the views incredibly breathtaking that u just had to stop in some points.

    You can go hm via Tumut; if u don't mind some gravel (as I'm told) via Wee Jasper to Yass.

    If u like u can head to the coast for day trips; so get in a ride at Brown Mountain a few times, its ace. Stop in at Bombala for some yummy bakery goodies then head to Eden through the many options... there's lots of great rds along the way there

    BTW - whatever google maps tells u in time with twisties, add at least an hr just in case as anything can happen in these mountains; factor in breaks every 150-250ks as u'll need em to clear ur mind & b able to continue on. Have a ball :woot: