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Route planning Victoria/NSW

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Speed Dealer, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. A mate and I are riding over from Perth for the GP in October and have 3 weeks to ride around Victoria and NSW before heading home. After searching and reading a few threads on these forums, I've come up with this route. Leaving Phillip Island we ride up the coast, across to Canberra and then back down via the Great Alpine Rd, finishing with the Great Ocean Road and towards Adelaide.

    I've been to Canberra and Melbourne many times, my question is, what are the must do's & see's along the way?


  2. Awesome route, I would cut out the section to Wangaratta and go up through Beechworth instead. If you can arrange your timing then theBarry Sheene ride is a massed ride in of bikes with a lap of the track included.

    Mt Darragh road has been a bit iffy for a while, @jazzfan@jazzfan is in the area he should be able to give you some ideas on its current state.

    I am jealous should be a great trip.
  3. I would skip the short section up to walhalla and instead head up to licola instead, dargo as well if you have time. As cjvfr said, skip wamgaratta, and from bright go over the tawonga gap, the head back up falls and over the other side taking the omeo hwy past Dartmouth dam to tallangatta. When heading back to PI, ride there via. Mirboo north and the grand ridge region.
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  4. Mt Darragh Rd is in two distinct sections - The upper (Wyndham -> Cathcart) and lower (eastern) section. The lower part is fine. The upper section has been partially re-sealead recently, there is some loose gravel, but it is not too bad. There are some bits that still need doing - a few potholes here and there. But it is in reasonably good nick overall.

    I rode it a few days ago.
  5. The road you've chosen from Tumut to Yass is dirt from roughly Tumorrama to Wee Jasper (about 35km). The condition is variable.
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  6. The road from Omeo to Tallangatta is now nearly all sealed if that makes a difference, although I would still opt for Mt Hotham or Falls Creek in preference.
    Take the Murray River Road in preference to the Murray Valley Highway (get over there via Granya Road :finger: ) rejoining Alpine Way near Towong, or alternatively take Elliott Way to Cabramurra - both are brilliant.
    Bonang Road is open but parts are being repaired after fire damage and subject to reduced limits (still worth doing).
    Strzlecki Highway is dull, so go via Boolarra and Mirboo, then from Leongatha go Korumburra, (Bena?) Kongwak, Inverloch, the 'Little Ocean Road' (Cape Paterson) and on to the Island. There's a host of good alternatives through Sth Gippsland.
  7. Plus, generally, there are less police on the Murray River Road than on the Murray Valley Highway. Just one word of warning, by all counts the local Walwa cop is an areshole.
  8. Looks like a great event mate, but we'll only be getting to Phillip Island on the Saturday evening. Race day is a rest day :]

    May play it by ear. Is it worth riding scenery wise?

    Just re-read the thread that recommended that route and they were riding BMW adventure bikes >:O I'm on a Bandit 1250 and my mate is on a DR650 tard...we'll find a sealed road!

    Excellent! Thanks.

    I won't be hooning with two panniers and a top box ;-) thanks for the local knowledge.
  9. Agreed. Plus the Murray Valley Highway currently has roadworks in sections. Although they'll most likely be complete by the time the OP gets there.
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  10. If Mt Darragh is not clean at the moment, you've got two alternatives across to the Monaro:
    Snowy Mountains Highway (Brown Mountain), which is magnificent and scenic but a bit too popular for it's own good, and Imlay Road which is quieter (apart from log trucks) but apparently patchy in places.
    Jazzfan will no doubt know the score.
    I got a really good run down Brown Mountain in Feb, which is now etched in my memory, but that is rare. I thought Mt Darragh was even better but mates disagreed. Surely it'll be cleaned up by October...
  11. Ok there are a couple of options for you that will more or less remove the Hume Hwy from your ride.

    From Tumut head to Gundagai via Brungle Rd, but when you get to the Gundagai Turn Off (left) go straight ahead. The road is Darbalara Rd. It's narrow but twisty and fun - just watch your speed some of the crests can have you airbourne. You will come to an intersection turn left (I think it's signposted Coolac).

    From Coolac head to Cootamundra but take the first right turn (on tarmac) after Muttama, then first right follow that until the T intersection (right takes you to Jugiong, left to Harden. Take the left and head to Harden. From Harden had to Yass.

    Total distance is about 210km from Tumut to Yass.

    Alternatively, you can go from Tumut to Gundagai to Cootamundra to Harden - Yass, that's about 200km. But the road from Gundagai to Muttama is narrow, but the scenery is nice.
  12. Didn't mean to give the impression that Mt Darragh Rd is not overall reasonably clean at the moment (and, yeah I just realised OP is looking at 5 months away - anything can happen in that time)

    Brown Mtn is noice but can be _very_ busy at times. Imlay Road is MUCH better heading the other direction (east to west) the log trucks are empty coming back from the coast and don't cut it up so much.

    Mt Darragh is a lovely run.
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  13. Just got back from a run on the Bonang Road. The fire damage is to the edge markers and the occasional speed advisory sign. The road itself is fine. (Except for a couple of short parts which have been re-surfaced with a lot of loose gravel left behind. But these are well signed)

    Mt Darragh Rd is nearly back to its former glory. The remnant loose gravel is gone. Just a few remaining potholes on the downward (west-to-east) side. I think they must be heritage listed or something.

    Great day out, but a little on the cold side..
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  14. Thanks @jazzfan@jazzfan, you just mentioned 2 roads which I hope to include in my next trip up that way, already looking forward to it. How much of Bonang did you manage to do?
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  15. The full length, from Delegate to Orbost.
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  16. You havent lived till you have ridden the Bonang, Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh,

    115 Kays of very good Twistys, and a good road to boot,

    The Monaro is mainly sweepers, Dull and Boring,

    In October, You may need to watch the road closures in the high country due to snow,

    I went over Mt Hotham last November and got caught in a Bloody Snow Blizzard,

    12 Bikes and snow, Not a good combination, two bikes had to be trucked across,
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  17. Oh yes, fun times Brian, more to follow.......
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  18. Did I mention that it was bit on the cold side, It was bloody freezing,

    Neds only showing the Good piccy, hahahahaha,
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  19. Thanks for all the advice and local knowledge! Our route is starting to transform for the better. Annual leave is booked, Moto GP tickets and accommodation are booked. Now we wait.

    Any good breweries we should stop in at?
  20. Grand ridge brewery in mirboo north.

    Love their stout.
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