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Route planning - Sydney -> Brisvegas

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Spots, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. I feel a bit sheepish putting this up, when the other "advice" threads are for Iron Butt planning rides, circumnavigation of Australia on a Honda Cub C90 or the next Ewen-McKenobi-inspired adventure tour, but I figure there'll be some useful advice all the same. :)

    This'll be the first time I stretch the Tiger's legs properly - though I handled 800km rides on my VTR250 without much trouble.

    The Convoy Route - Syd->Bris
    I'm planning a small convoy (my bike, 1-2 cars) from Sydney to Brisbane early in July. We'll be doing it in one day, minimal tourism.. Basically just trying to get there with a good average speed without killing ourselves with fatigue.

    I've tried to plan the Syd-Bris route with convoy ease/safety/high-average-speed in mind.

    To Brisbane - F3 to Cessnock, New England Highway the rest of the way.

    We're effectively limited to ~300km distances between fuelstops thanks to the Tiger's fueltank, but ~250km is a good distance for rest-stops anyway.

    * Can anyone suggest a better/safer/faster/nicer route for the convoy?
    * Can anyone suggest good fuel/food/etc stops?
    * What's the speed limit for the New England Highway?
    * Is there much traffic there during the week? (Traffic makes maintaining convoy a hassle)

    We'll have vehicle-to-vehicle comms (UHF), 'n my bike's fitted with a GPS mount. I'll have my camelbak with me, of course...

    The Motorcycle Route - Bris->Wollongong
    On the return trip I'll be riding solo. That means I can take a much more "exciting" route with less consideration for convoy dynamics. I was thinking something like this:
    Return trip, unencumbered

    Much the same route, but I've heard that the #38 near Grafton has a sweet set of twisties. ;) My return route is essentially "free", so feel free to suggest something better! The only caveat is that I need to get from Brisvegas to W'gong in one day, 7am -> 10pm say. Can do tourism or take twisty-road detours "on the way". :)

  2. Shame to go all that way and not do Thunderbolts - and also include the fun back roads Dungog, Gresford, Wollombi and up to Peats Ridge - though just a bit bigger than yoru original day (or cut out the Dungog etc loop)

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  4. Well, I too highly recommend some nice Ways :grin: Bucketts Way/Thunderbolts Way/Waterfall Way-Dorrigo-Coffs-Grafton(Pac Hwy) then on Summerland Way to Casino-Kyogle then turn into the Lions Road over the Border Ranges following the Richmond River... (fill up at Kyogle). (then map it to Brisbane depending where you need to be...)

    This route is still my favorite to Brisbane, Buckets/Thunderbolts are fast, scenic, good surface although patchy in places... just returned that route on Sunday last in mixed wet conditions... cruised on the flats around $1.80, but a little slower on the bends, pissing down by then :LOL:

    Waterfall (Armidale-Dorrigo) is fast, great views, little traffic then at the end you get the Dorrigo downhill heavenly ride... brilliant fun!
    Summerland way is long, fast and with little traffic.. and ending with the Lions road into Rathdowney, a slower scenic route, but well worth the fun, scenery and ability to ride how you like...

    I recently did the Pac Hwy to Bris and return... for the last time, godawful slow, traffic, roadworks forever, bla bla bla in the negative :LOL: :LOL:

    New England, an OK road, but traffic'd & policed so you need to watch things more often...

    Over the past month I've covered about 10,000kms including all these routes... favorite still being the 'Ways'

  5. that would be the mt lindsey highway, yes it's paved, good condition is another story, very tight, frequented by semi's making the trip from beaudesert to kyogle on grafton to avoid the pacific hwy
  6. Raymond trc, Goucester, Walcha, Armidale will knock a couple of hours off the trip. Buckets way - Walcha Rd then rejoin the NE at Uralla. Much nicer trip and one of the best lookouts around up the range from gloucester. Have not ridden it, yet, but a hell of a lot of fun in the Forrester, so the tiger will be Nirvana.

  7. Spots seeing as how you directed me here I will say this.

    Heading up, coast is faster these days. It never used to be but is now. Hardly any point doing NE unless you have to go that way. IMHO

    I run the coast all the time if I have to fly back to Kawasaki head office at Rydalmere to pick their bike back up and bring it back home here. Yeah its boring but I only want to get home.

    Coming back with the bike is a whole other clambake as the others have said.

    You mention Grafton, if you are on the coast coming down try shooting towards Ebor and heading for Armidale. Then you can run from Armidale down to Uralla and turn left to either run the Oxley the whole way down via Walcha and Gingers Creek to Wauchope back on the coast or just to Walcha and take a right down Thunderbolts and down.

    Some mentioned Waterfall Way, which is beaut also. and you could aways take that slight detour and at Grafton do what I said and head towards Ebor but on the way take a left and down WaterFall Way to Dorrigo and Bellingen.

    Lots of roads.

    Have fun
  8. just spoke to the old man, he tells me the mt lindsey highway has be done up since the last time i have been up there which is going on 10 years now, the nsw side has been widened and section on the qld side have been as well

    what he did tell me was the lions road is pretty much wildlife ridden and a great disappointment to actually ride, with cattle wandering around on the road, apparentl;y them qlders are gettng way too much vitamin D when they suggest it :LOL:
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  10. WaterfallWayWaterfallWayWaterfallWayWaterfallWay

    I'm obsessed with that road. Bugger all the others off and do it five times. We got to the end of it and I was literally jumping up and down at the servo at the top of the hill, it's a f*cken CRACKER! I believe once I'd calmed down my comment to Woodsy was along the lines of "If I never ride a motorbike again, I can die happy after riding that road."

    Take the Murwillumbah detour between Tweed Heads and Mullumbimby if you end up along the coast, some nice stuff through there and great scenery.

    The Putty is a nice way to finish, although you may well be too rooted. Likewise you're not too far from the Oxley in those parts, which is one of the great roads of our times, but it'll root you like a prison roommate on a 1200km day.
  11. I take it you like Waterfall Way, Loz? :grin:

    Despite being familiar with the road, that's a big worry of mine, yeah. Plus by that hour it'll be dusk or dark, and tight corners + darkness = stress. Sad as it is to say it, I'll probably take the F3 option (maaaaaaaybe Peat's Ridge as I'm mostly familiar with the Wollombi roads) and just superslab it once it gets dark.

    Which is a "nice" thing of this trip, actually - the route(s) posted above wiggles back and forth between two major highways and ends up at the start of the F3. If I'm not coping as well as I'd hoped, I can always flee to the superslab and nurse my broken and weary body home. :p :grin:

    Yeah, Walcha-PortMacq of the Oxley was suggested above, but I think I'll do Thunderbolts Way "this time around" as it's more direct and didn't get a mention in your (strangely alluring) buttrape comment. ;)

    So, with the demand of including Waterfall Way... Something like this, then.
  12. Now THAT's a f*cken day's riding!

    I dunno about you lads, but I find freeways a lot more fatiguing than a fast backroad.
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  14. i'm really surprised you guys nominate the badly maintained bumpy pothole ridden thunderbolts way over the Oxley. The oxley has 45kms of beautiful bends.. it's an awesome road :)

    The motorcycle atlas is good, i've done 24 of the top 100, but lions road is feral.
    The road between tenterfield and casino is a ripper, as is the gwyder between grafton and glenn innes.

    Do waterfall way, simply don't ask, just do it.
  15. the oxley also isn't the best maintained road out there, actually in feb the surface left alot to be desired, but still good anyway, the problem with him doing the oxley it still leaves him 4 hours north of sydney as it travels 2 hours east, and he is doing this all in one day, so would make it an extra long day
  16. Can you explain what is so feral about Lions Rd. I was planning on taking it on my trip to Brissie next week.
  17. I have ridden the putty a couple times at night, its quite different and I liked it. But I understand its not for everyone.

    I would agree about Thunderbolts, I think the main interest is that people hear about it and say "yeah man I must do that"

    Waterfall Way is similar to the Gillies up Cairns way so if anyone loves it that much (Loz) you might put the Gillies on your must do before I die list.
  18. they literally layed the tar over the worst piece of dirt road they could have so it rather bumpy, it's also covered in cow shit :LOL:
  19. All set to go!

    Stratocat's all packed!

    gx1M5919. gx1M5e0r.

    I feel a little like Ewen McKenobi and Charlie Whatshisface. :p :LOL:

    On the weekend I rearranged my garage to make room for a little shrine for the Tiger. On one side, a freshly washed motorcycle. Tools, luggage and equipment to pack laid out neatly beside the bike. Last night I finished prepping the bike and packing luggage onto it - Now all that's left to do is put the key in and go!

    Staging up at a friend's place in Sydney tonight - our little convoy departs from Sydney early tomorrow morning (3 July). We're gonna head up the Pacific Highway, on Davo's advice. :) Only 930km, but that's still 150km further than I rode my VTR250 in a single sitting, heh.

    Monday (7 July) will be my return day, Brisbane -> Wollongong, via that alarmingly lengthy 1200km "proper day of riding".

    Thanks again everyone for the advice. Will probably do a little ride report when I get back.

    Edit: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=55129 Typically TL;DR ride report right there. :)