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Route Boorowa Crookwell to Goulburn

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Bandit01, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I'm after a bit of local knowledge please. I'm doing a ride with a mate of mine from Canberra. We're meeting at Goulburn then riding to O'Connell then through to overnight in Mudgee. The return route is via Wellington, Molong, Cowra then ultimately to Canberra. I was thinking about turning off at Boowora and taking Rugby Road through to Crookwell and then Crookwell Road to Goulburn as I live in SW Sydney.

    Does anyone now what this route and roads (Boowora to Goulburn via Rguby and Crookwell Rds) are like.


  2. G'day @Bandit01

    I did this ride after the Alpine rally. The Boowora - Crookwell - Goulburn ride is a great stretch of road. Particularly Boorowa - Crookwell. There are some rough patches (so what - this is NSW), but some really good new surface and both twisties and some beaut sweepers with good visibility through the bend. I did it late in the afternoon so good sun position and lucky enough to not be attacked by wildlife. Crookwell to Goulburn is good surface and warp speed if you have the points to spare.
    If you do this run and disagree with me then I will blame the hospitality at the Boorowa Hotel, an establishment that is very biker friendly and I thoroughly recommend.

    Cheers, Pterodactyl
  3. Pterodactyl,

    Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to trying it

  4. You'll have fun, I've only done gunning to boorowa loop once about18 months ago. But I'm on the gunning, crookwell road all the time, really nice. Also there's a smaller through roadif you don't go via crookwell... Just past grabben gullen is range road..its a bit chopped up now cause a lot of trucks have been going through for roadworks.. but its a lot of fun regardless... Gunning to crookwell is nice but I find crookwell to Goulburn a bit bland... Not sure why. Either way youlla have a nice run, enjoy...
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  6. Gents,

    Thanks. Always interested in additional decent rides