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Route Advice?- Sydney to Batemans Bay

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by AlbieQ, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Firstly I hope I'm posting this in the right place...if not please feel free to move this.

    So as the title suggests my mates have managed to rent a beach house at batemans bay and I'm desperate to ride there on some good roads. Any of the more learned members (aka. everyone else) here on this forum have any roads they particularly like around the area? Time won't be an issue though of course I'd like to avoid a 5 hour detour if possible...Also, would there be anything else I should look out for (dirt roads? high wind areas etc?). Any advice is greatly appreciated! :)


  2. Hi Albie,

    Being a Victorian, I'm sure your fellow Statesmen/women can assist you further.
    As I did this exact run some 2-3mths ago (though we overnighted at Callala Beach), we followed this route, from memory....


    Kangaroo Valley is a MUST (if you enjoy twisties) ! Also, stop in at 'The Old Store', in Barrengarry for an infamous meat pie (though we all loved the sausage rolls !) and a little down the track, pull in at the Cambewarra Lookout...absolutely breathtaking views !!! The Princes Hwy thereafter provides some excitement, albeit the odd slowing down here and there as you pass through towns...

    Any trip is not so without a stop at Ulladulla McDonald's (mandatory) :D

    Rubber side down mate & have fun.

  3. err yup, the only variation I'd make on that is to swing right just south of Waterfall and take the old Princes Highway instead of the freeway
  4. My last trip down The Old Princess Hwy I uncounted a man with some pistol like gadget hanging around a bush track on one of the long straight flat smooth DANGEROUS bits about 10ks from The big Lookout,thanks to some flashing headlights I didn have a chat,that was on The Rocker Run down that way with a thousand potential customers passing that point.What a coincidence.
  5. Hmmm..maybe that's what we did ? Can't remember. Followed the leader 'blindly'...but definitely some beautiful roads around those parts :)
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    Ulladulla maccas is nothing special. I'd go the marlin instead, on the right just past the harbour.
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    Awwww, Lilley..you cut me deep brother...you cut me deep !
    On 2 rides back from Sydney (via Princes, Snowy etc) I've pulled in there..to keep up with traditions.
    If we're going to get technical, there are MANY other places more 'exotic' than McDonalds.. ;)
  8. lol

    calling the marlin exotic is pushing it a bit far too!

    The corner store at Mollymook on the beach do a good fishermans basket. Or the golf club. Beaut views.
  9. only slightly too far, yeh. :p But they have a good selection of $5 meals and some quite decent $10 meals. Can't remember if that's dinner only or lunch as well.
  10. Alright big thanks all for the advice, route looks like good fun - can't wait to give it a spin. As for lunch....mmm maybe just pack a sandwich? haha
  11. nah dude, Haydens Pies in Ulladulla - can throw together a good four n twenty....