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Route advice please - Sydney to Gold Coast

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Viator, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm leaving on thursday night to get from my house in North West Sydney, to Coomera Waters near the Gold Coast to visit some family.

    I need some help picking my route as I've never done it before. My rough plan so far is to ride up Putty rd after work on Thursday (yes, in the dark) and stay at a friends place in Muswellbrook. Hopefully I can get out the door early enough on Friday morning to get up to the gold coast by dinner time.

    I'm thinking that I'll go Muswellbrook -> Tamworth -> Armidale -> Glen Innes -> Tenterfield -> Woodenbong -> Coomera Waters. On the way back I was going to go down the coast but avoiding the freeways. I'll either leave 1 or 1.5 days for the trip back.

    So which way should I go? Is there anything I should stop and see? Or any roads that I must go on? I've never done the trip before but I'm hoping I can find some twisty and scenic roads that will get me there without too much delay.

  2. My favourite route Sydney -> Brisbane is: http://g.co/maps/32w2c

    twin caltexes on F3 Fwy (fuel)
    Gloucester (fuel) ; up the Thunderbolts Way
    Armidale (fuel) ; East along the Waterfall Way
    Dorrigo ; North along Summerland Way
    Grafton (fuel and lunch)
    Casino ; North along Mt. Lindesay Highway
    Rathdowney (fuel)

    Fuelstops for the Tiger 1050 with a tonne of luggage at legal speeds. YMMV, literally. ;) The biggest stretch for the Tiger is Grafton -> Rathdowney but there's ample fuel at Casino and Kyogle if necessary to stop short.

    That route strings together some fantastic roads (Thunderbolts Way uphill, Waterfall Way eastbound, Summerland Way, Mt. Lindesay Highway northbound) and only adds 100km and 1 hour to the trip at legal speeds.

    Could add in the Putty Road as a bonus.

    Beware cows between Dorrigo and Grafton. Corner advisory signage is pretty good northbound between Dorrigo and Grafton, but absolutely utterly woeful when Southbound on the same stretch of road (near 'Clouds Creek') - use road-reading skills rather than blindly trusting signage.

    You're going to Gold Coast rather than BNE, so maybe head Northeast from Casino or Kyogle if taking the Summerland Way north of Grafton.

    Hmm. :-k
  3. i did Brisbane to Wollongong in 1 day.. went down the Freeway and pacific hwy through coffs harbour etc etc .... And i found there are not so many trucks that way compared to the new England hwy..
  4. Thanks Spots

    I think I might go your way on the way back. I've heard a bit about Thunderbolt Way and Waterfall Way. 1000kms is a long way though. I might do that in 2 days. Does that make me soft? Either way I might have to take easy based on your advice. Hitting a cow in the middle of nowhere wouldn't be much fun.

    I don't suppose there's any famous pie shops/pubs/lookouts/beaches etc that I should stop at on the way?
  5. Mmm. Yeah, cows suck. :) Thankfully there are signs in that area warning that there may be cows on the road (near Clouds Creek), but unlike most "CATTLE ON ROAD" signs left out for 365 days a year when the cattle only cross the road twice a year, these ones are actually telling the truth.

    The lookout halfway up Thunderbolts Way seems like a magnificent view the six or seven times I've passed it at 100kph, but I've always been having way too much fun to stop. "Next time", I tell myself. "I'll stop next time".

    For better or worse, I think nearly all the stretches of road are more fun when heading from NSW to QLD. Thunderbolts Way is uphill rather than downhill (though it's still pretty fun going downhill, just less fun). Waterfall Way heading Eastbound starts out near Armidale as gentle sweeping bends over rolling hills and becomes increasingly tight and twisty as you near Dorrigo, which lends to a fun build-up. And Mt. Lindesay northbound has a smoother surface and better vision through the turns than southbound.

    Ashamedly, I don't know much in the way of tourism between the two points. For me it's always been the more-interesting, more-fun, less-traffic'd and more-scenic way to get from Sydney to Brisbane in ~12 hours total elapsed time, so I've never really made the time to explore or stop along the way.

    Fewer derpy vehicles doing 80kph in a 100 zone, more legal overtaking opportunities and fewer hairdryers blowing on the back of my neck is, for me, worth the extra 1 hour compared to the Pacific Highway if I need to get from one city to the next.
  6. I did a roadtrip from syd-bris last year on the way up I did;

    (On a blackbird 2up with luggage)

    Day 1: depart lunchtime, old pacific highway, thunderbolts way up to port maq stay the night there.

    Day 2: leave first thing into oxley highway through to Armidale then back up to coffs via waterfall way. Got into coffs in the dark. From memory it was over 600km not mucking around. Those roads are tops.

    Day 3: coffs to brissy via the highway. It was raining so we decided to take it easy but had planned to go up via casino somehow.

    While on the oxley I met a group of riders from QLD who recommended their local run - Mt Glorious. Well I went and I ran into them up at mt glorious at the cafe and went for another ride with them, top blokes that was a fun experience. That made me realize what motorcycling is all about...

    On the way back it pissed down so I rode home in one day/1100kms!

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  7. In May 2010 I did Spots route but going south and I can recommend it highly you'll be smiling from ear to ear. BTW, I did it mid week and on both Thunderbolts way and Waterfall Way I didn't see any police. Have a great ride and take loads of pics
  8. New England is kewl to ride. The road is not as good but more entertaining than the Pacific. if your not a confident rider the Pacific is the go. But if you want fun while getting there the NE is the go.
    Biggest worry with the NE is trucks and Roo's. Dawn and dusk are the bad times for Roo's.
    Also if it's wet and raining I would go the Pacific.
  9. Dorrigo has some excellent lookouts from the top of the escarpment. It's also a little tourist town and has enough of cafe's pubs etc to satisfy.
  10. just stick it in the rite hole you cant go wrong