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Route Advice - 2 days there, 2 days back from Sydney

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Donshe, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. All,

    Looking for some route advice for a 4 day trip (loop) from the Western suburbs of Sydney.

    Would look at getting in roughly 500km a day, give or take depending on weather and road conditions.

    Suggestions on accomodation would also be great.

    Open to any ideas :)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. One idea:

    Head south along the M5 but head onto Rememberance Drive instead, go through the Southern Highlands and Goulburn, turn down Braidwood Road and head to Braidwood or Canberra. The next day head down to Cooma then the snowy mountains route into Victoria.

    Then back, could mix it up by heading a bit further west, there's some nice roads just the other side of the Great Dividing Range.

    Something like this:

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  3. Thanks mate. Im also looking at a route in a thread a couple below this for Sydney to Gold Coast.

    I was looking at doing this starting on this Saturday but I fear it may be a bit hasty as I am not a touring person at all and don't have the slightest clue whats where :/

    Thanks again.
  4. Hey thanks for this - I like a good route and have saved this one for later...
  5. Here's a little gem i put together for you. Approximately 600Kms a day
    Day 1
    Sydney to Robertson via Pacific Hwy, Illawarra Hwy
    Robertson to Braidwood via (via Goulburn) Illawarra Hwy, Braidwood Rd, Kings Hwy
    Braidwood to Batemans Bay via Kings Hwy
    Batemans Bay to Narooma via Princes Hwy
    Narooma to Tathra via Princes Hwy,Bermagui Rd, Tathra-Bermagui
    Tathra to Bega via Tathra Rd
    Bega to Brown Mountain via Princes Hwy, Snowy Mountains Hwy, Monaro Hwy,
    Brown Mountain to Bombala via Snowy Mtns Hwy, Monaro Hwy
    Overnight in Bombala (Maneroo Motel,167 Maybe st)

    Day 2
    Bombala to Cann River via Monaro Hwy
    Cann River to Orbost via Princes Hwy
    Orbost to Buchan via Buchan-Orbost Rd
    Buchan to Bairnsdale (via Bruthen) Bruthen-Buchan Rd &
    Bairnsdale to Sale Princes Hwy
    Sale to Cnr Bass Hwy & Sth Gippsland Hwy via Sth Gippsland Hwy
    Cnr Bass Hwy & Sth Gippsland Hwy to Melbourne City
    Overnight in Melbourne

    Day 3
    Melbourne City to Sale via Sth Gippsland Hwy
    Sale to Bruthen via Princes Hwy
    Bruthen to Bright (Freeburgh) via Great Alpine Rd
    Bright to Redbank via Bright Tawonga Rd > Kiewa Valley Hwy
    Redbank-Mongans Road to Tangambalanga via Redbank-Mongans Road
    Tangambalanga to Tallangatta via Kiewa East Rd & Murray Valley Hwy
    Overnight Tallangatta (Victoria Hotel, 2 Banool Road)

    Day 4
    Tallangatta to Corryong via Murrary Valley Hwy
    Corryong to Khancoban via Murrary Valley Hwy, Apline Way
    Khancoban to Cooma via Alpine Way, Jindabyne Rd, Snowy Mountains Hwy
    Cooma to Sydney Via Monaro Hwy, Fedral Hwy, Hume Hwy
  6. Thanks a lot for that 'thehinch'. I will map it out when I get home and see what it looks like.

    I was hoping to do it this weekend but the weather doesn't seem to be on my side and I feel under-prepared. So am now hoping to depart next Friday.

    I have never done multi-day rides before, with the exception of once in Thailand, I showed up, hired a bike and went off into the villages for a week.

    Funnily enough though, thinking a lot more about being prepared while in my own (English speaking) country

    Thanks again. Any more reccomendations appreciated.

    Will post a ride report once I do this if anyone is interested.
  7. im interested!

    im looking to do the same around 4 days of riding in a loop around late december, early january.

    some good routes here :)
  8. Honestly, head to the snowies and spend the 2 middle days there. It's a plan that can't fail. If you get bored of riding then pick up a rod and see what's biting.
  9. It really depends on what type of riding you prefer as well. The route TheHinch has put together for you is obviously aimed at someone liking a cruise along picturesque major roads. I'd prefer a trip into the snowies, with some more twisties along secondary and minor (but sealed) roads. Have a look at Funky's trip report in this thread (https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=126469&page=2#.Tq6HWXLN6uI). You could get down to that area easily within a day, do the two loops (google maps within the thread) and head back to Sydney on day 4.

    Sounds like you'll have a ball anyway. Enjoy!
  10. http://maps.google.com.au/maps?saddr=Eastern+Creek+NSW+2232&daddr=The+Mixed+Leaf,+Windsor+Street,+Richmond,+New+South+Wales+to:-33.61895,150.16982+to:-Oberon+Pies+%26+Pastries,+123+Oberon+Street,+Oberon+NSW+to:-33.7102385,149.8288662+to:Taralga,+New+South+Wales+to:Goulburn,+New+South+Wales+to:Bungendore,+New+South+Wales+to:Cooma,+New+South+Wales+to:Bega,+NSW+to:Braidwood,+New+South+Wales+to:Araluen+Court+House,+Araluen,+New+South+Wales+to:-35.27199,150.42404+to:Albion+Park,+New+South+Wales+to:Robertson,+New+South+Wales+to:Bowral,+New+South+Wales+to:-34.1520069,150.6682739+to:M7+Westlink,+Prestons,+New+South+Wales+to:Eastern+Creek,+New+South+Wales&hl=en&ll=-35.5054,150.479736&spn=6.12523,9.854736&sll=-33.494453,150.248337&sspn=0.392246,0.615921&geocode=FeQj_P0dIiP-CClNI5HjWZcSazHwNfP5aH0BDw%3BFd5a__0dkUb8CCGVMFCI2K74FSmZNyaiRH0NazH5ZcDxRt-yZg%3BFfoD__0d3GjzCCnPMQZGYQ0SazFwB8lytAkGEw%3BFSi3_f0duajuCCHQ6yRP839JvilJsEmoHiASazFMRUMvQqbGzg%3BFWKf_f0dAjXuCCk3jrq-vYoRazGAti10tAkGEw%3BFV8p8_0drBTuCCmx6vNT3lsRazEQ40OQtAkGBA%3BFe2u7f0deYbsCCktqB_p6q4WazHQJ0SQtAkGBQ%3BFZEQ5v0dRUfoCCnJEHc8HV4WazHA20OQtAkGBA%3BFewX1_0doHjjCCmJO1Pslq49azHA3EOQtAkGBA%3BFUxl0P0d8GvuCCnn7ak3iSk8azEwBkSQtAkGBA%3BFRMj4_0dhMDtCCkbArV8EdMVazEgB0SQtAkGBA%3BFZkR4P0d8vPtCCFx1G3swPoGag%3BFcrK5f0d6En3CCm7KPbg6loUazFh6hFztAkGEw%3BFRh-8P0dnKf8CCk9TzJOthITazGA4DIWaH0BBQ%3BFZU48P0dR9j5CCkxTWPVuZ0TazFQkUOQtAkGBA%3BFc3j8f0dhTH3CCnPvy9AmKITazGQJESQtAkGBQ%3BFbrh9v0d8QP7CCnhgbt9UfkSazEQnQ9ztAkGEw%3BFWcf-v0dQTb-CCkRHPcokpQSazEite-AaCOtFA%3BFZw3_P0d3hT-CCm527hPyZkSazGwtTIWaH0BBQ&vpsrc=6&mra=dpe&mrsp=2&sz=11&via=2,4,12,16&t=m&z=7
    I've done most of the route above at different times with my riding group ... highlights include (I'm using Eastern Creek as a start and end reference point, I presume you're near there):

    - Bells Line of Road from Richmond to Mt Victoria (nice cafe at Richmond called Mixed Leaf)

    - Mt Victoria to Oberon (turn left to head to Jenolan Caves at Hartley, but don't go right into Jenolan ie. follow signs to turn right into Oberon). The Oberon Pie Shop is one of those little gems - unassuming, well priced, actually beautiful pastry pies ... the exact opposite of a well known overpriced and ordinary "pie" shop at the top of Mac Pass ..

    - the Explorers Way between Oberon and Taralga then Goulburn - road's been fully sealed now for some time. A beautiful ride. We do it at least once every year, including just a month ago.

    - the back road between Goulburn and Bungendore (basically alternative route to Canberra). Again, a beautiful road, with glorious canola fields on the right. Bungendore has an ace wooden display shop, including a $4000 carved little bird (yes, $4k ..).

    - between Bungendore and Braidwood - the ride's OK, but the highlight is the heritage town of Braidwood. Instead of staying at Braidwood, try the Araluen Court House, in the old gold mining town - the ride from Braidwood down to Araluen and back is glorious. The road to Bega (I think) from Araluen is unsealed ie. a no-no, so you have to head back the 20mins to Braidwood.

    - Braidwood to Batemans .... the motorcyclist's heaven road, the Kings Hwy going down the mountain ...

    - Batemans to Albion Park - just a coastal ride - go the back of Shellharbour is better.

    - Albion Park to Robertson via the Mac Pass - you probably already know that.

    - Robertson through Bowral and then on to Bargo via the Remembrance Drive, as some people suggested here.

    So there you go ... some places for you to mull over ... open the Googlemap and check out ground view to get an idea.

    Hope I've helped!
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    1. Syd to walcha. Putty rd then go through gresford. North up buckets way and thunderbolts.

    2. Walcha to port Mac. Via armidale and waterfall way detour to the pub with no beer. Slab it to port or scenic route with gravel from the pub via wauchope.

    3. Port mac to muswellbrook. THE OXLEY then south on thunderbolts at walcha. Take a right at nowendoc head west to dungowan and nundle. Then to muswellbrook.

    4. Muswellbrook to syd via the Bylong valley way to lithgow then bells line of rd to home.