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Rounds 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Kobo, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. So what happened? Is no-one interested in Moto GP at Netrider? Or is all the discussion of it on the Facebook page? I came to this forum to find the latest Moto GP thread for Germany and the last one on here was Round 2, The Americas.....Just wondering/astounded.....

    Kobo :cool:

  2. I have been watching most of the races.

    But to be honest i have been more into the moto3 this year.

    Fun to cheer on an Aussie leading the championship, and usually start earlier allowing me to get my beauty sleep on a Sunday night.

    Have loved watching Marquez carve it up too, but tend to fall asleep once he gets a good lead.
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  3. I watch every race. Love it. Just a little pissed with One and their coverage - or lack of. Then they say at the end 'after the break we'll have moto2 and moto3 highlights'. Highlights?? Don't make me laugh. They just show a clip of the winner crossing the line!

    Marquez is just flying - love the guy's style. It'll be interesting to see if he takes Agostini's record after the break.
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  4. You can thank Pay TV for ruining moto 2 & moto 3. "One" get what they can to put a highlights real together. Not their fault that greedy organisers and Pay TV won't give them more. I've been watching the races but missed Assen, got cought out that it was on Saturday night not Sunday night. Some of the racing has been exciting and not a foregone conclusion that Marquez would win. He has had to work very hard in some races to get the win. Makes the win well deserved and keeps the racing interesting. Rossi's performances have been brilliant, much improved on last year. Looks like Yamaha need to develop a new bike to match the Hondas.
  5. Yeah...I hear you about the shit coverage on Free-to-Air TV. The dollar rules which leaves me out, being a pauper, LOL but I watch what I can and try to find the Moto 2 and 3 on You Tube.....I love the Moto 3 as much as the Moto GP so it's a bit of a drag now with the poor coverage...AHH Well, such is life....

    Kobo :cool:
  6. Looks like you have a nice collection of bikes. Spend all our money on bikes and none left over for Pay TV.
  7. If you google it there is usually a stream avaialable for the moto2 & moto3 races.

    otherwise get someone with foxtelGO's login

    How about that pit lane start for 14 bikes last weekend! Certainly made the first 15 laps interesting.
  8. I've never seen a start like that one before.
  9. Pay TV should be banned....They'd still show all the racing on free-to-air but for pay TV.....
    As for my collection, I'd have a lot more if I had a job...LOL

    Kobo :cool:
  10. It's probably a bit late for this year - but I can recommend MotoGP's Videopass. Not only do you get the races, but also all the practice and qualifying sessions for all 3 classes. Plus you can view with ambient sound only or with commentary and there are no ads of course. Those with AppleTV can stream it onto their TV.

    It was around $AUS130 (99euros) for the standard option and you also get access to other video content including archived races.