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roundman(shane) on temptation?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by midnight, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. Ok , what gives . Is that you sitting in that chair Shane , doing a hell of a job i might add. If not , you have a twin :shock: .

  2. He said he was Roundman

    We love you Shane!!!!!!!

  3. Yeah, guilty as charged. :roll: :roll:
  4. Well sorry , but i missed the first 5 minutes so i dont know what he said. Oh so close mate but well bloody done , congrats :D :D
  5. Good thing is I can try again in two years.
  6. Seeing as your responding while the show is on air, how far in advance do they record the show??

    Is the camera any good???

    Great effort.

  7. I'll give ya $100 bucks for the camera Shane since you have so many :LOL: .
  8. Taped the show on Saturday 26th of June. Don't get any of the prizes until after the show goes to air, and they have 60 days to deliver. Tonight was the first time I got a really good look at what I won.
    As for the camera, I think I'll keep it. Have this odd obsession with cameras. :wink:
  9. Well done Roundman
  10. Only saw the last coupla minutes as I got home, not into the show much, but the missus watches it regularly.

    Saw the big hairy bloke on the end and thought "bout time they had real people on these shows", didn't click it was you tho.

    Well done :applause:

  11. Well done bloke :).

    You'd have won if you didn't buy the camera. You should hit Who Wants To Be A Millionaire next!
  12. Geez Shane, you could have given us a heads up!
  13. Did Millionaire 3 years ago, blew at $32,000, anyways I came away with some cool stuff.

    Karen sorry I didn't let you know. Was sure Glen knew, therefore thought everyone else would.
  14. Now I'll throw out the challenge out to one and all to see if any other member of our motorcycling community can make it onto Temptation.
    To do an audition day, that requires that you correctly answer 27 or more of 50 questions, send your details to contestant@grundytv.com.au , and they will notify you of the next audition in your area.
    If you live in Melbourne, and are successful at the audition, offer to be a standby contestant, as this improves your chance of getting on earlier(I was one of the standbys for the taping session I did).
    If you live interstate, and are successful you get flown to Melbourne, get a night in Crown Promenade with breakfast(not sure about dinner, but a possibility), then flown home after show. They even throw in lunch at the channel 9 canteen for all contestants on taping day, and all the tea or coffee you can drink.

  15. You have to be damn quick with that buzzer Shane , i just dont think im quick on it like you were .
  16. hhhmmm, no thanks.

    I'm happy to open my gob and prove i'm a complete nob in a national bike forum...

    but proving my idiocy on national tv is just a bit too much even for me.