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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by live4themoment, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if it was just me but in the last few months i have really noticed that alot of car drivers just don't seem to look out for bike riders. Or do they expect that if a bike is coming into a roundabout no matter if they have the right of way or not the bike will prob stop.
    I always slow down and take extra precautions when going in to them but have nearly been hit a few times even though i have had the right of way and they can see me as i am only 10 meters away. They seem to slow down then when your halfway thru the round about think they will be able to makee it in front of you and try and creep out a few meters and stop.
    Also just wanted to see if anyone else had complaints about some roundabouts and how you cant see over the other side of them as they have trees and bushes etc in the middle of them?

  2. Yep always been the same. I always look em right in the eye as they are approaching but at the same time get ready to stop if they don't.

    On a funny note though, I was coming back from work in the cage the other day, and approaching a small roundabout. Car coming from my right so I slowed to let him through, but he slowed and stopped to let a car from his right through... but so did that guy.

    There was 4 of us sitting at the roundabout waiting for someone to move. We sat there for about 15 seconds. I was just looking at the other drivers (we were very close) and laughing.

    Eventually I thought bugger it and went.
  3. LOL I had that happen once to red, very funny situation unless everyone decides to go at the same time hahaha :p
    and yes roundabouts are a bikers mortal enemy
  4. Correct, for some reason drivers are just doing as they please at roundabouts. :evil:
  5. The other day on the way to work I nearly ended up in the side of a cager.

    I was coming up to a roundabout following a bus (both of us turning right) and the car was approaching from the right. I was going nice and slow behind the bus giving it plenty of room.

    Coming all the way up to the roundabout the cager had their left indicator on to turn in next to me, by the time I got to the roundabout they had entered the roundabout still with their indicator on. I went to enter the roundabout as well when all of a sudden they turned off their indicator and swung back from the left turn and into the roundabout to go straight through instead.

    Needless to say I had to hit the brakes pretty hard to stop ramming into the side of them as they went passed the front of me.

    Really makes you wonder if half the drivers out there even have the slightest idea of what they are doing!
  6. Why plant shrubs/trees where they become a hazard?

    Low shrubs will make a soft place to land when they hit you LOL, but the tall ones make sure you get hit!
  7. i have noticed this as well but it isn't just bikes the missus and me went to the shops and on the way home this old lady in this 4x4 just pulled out, she was looking at the exit and jsut didn't even look out
  8. The theory with trees etc in teh middle of roundabouts is it's suppoed to make people slow down because they can't see through the intersection.....we all know how well that works! :roll:
    And I hate to tell you this, but it isn't just bikes they don't see. The way to travel through a roundabout these days is eyes straight ahead, and do NOT make eye contact with anyone. Eye contact means you may have to stop.
    The people I REALLY hate on roundabouts are the ones who do not indicate, and just exit where they please, as everyone else stops to figure out where they are going, or the ones who indicate AFTER they've just crankes on a turn of steering lock, leaving you in teh firing line! :evil:

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Car drivers in roundabouts don't look at anything. The bigger the roundabout the faster they go into, through and out of one. :evil:
  10. The worst I've seen at a roundabout was back when I was going for my drivers license. I was going along the back streets, about 5km/h under speed limit (didn't want to fail the test for speeding) when a 4wd cam roaring up behind me. I start going through a roundabout and all of a sudden I see the 4wd overtaking me, going the wrong way around the roundabout.

    It was one of the ones with the shrubs in the middle of the roundabout so she couldn't even see through the roundabout properly.

    Myself, the tester and my driving instructor all went WTF at the same time with shock. I think I could have crashed after that and still passed the test the tester was that shocked. :grin: