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Roundabout technique

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Cris, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. I'm not equipped to give this technique a try. But I like it.

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  2. He slips once before the slip that actually sent him down. At that point could he have saved it?

    Other than that it doesn't look like he was going particularly quickly, and I can't tell from the vid whether the slippery surface was evident. So was this avoidable?
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    It was his lane position that was the problem imo.

    My experience, don't ride down the the middle of the tyre tracks on a roundabout in damp conditions like he did.
  4. What's the green light on the dashboard? did he panic and muff a gear change? Traction control?
  5. Indicator light.
  6. Indicator. It flashes at the same time as the RH indicator.
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    Just noticed he had a cam on his helmet, fell off, and his head didn't instantly explode. Who'd have thunk.

    {insert some kind of sarcasm emoticon here}
  8. ah. kind of obvious. back in my hole
  9. Was it an Over-Helmet Cam?
  10. Should I have used a sarcasm emoticon? Does the forum have one?

    Looks like it's on the right side of his helmet.
  11. No, I was going for the Engineering Dad-joke Pun.

    Maybe it was just a Hi-Cam
  12. :oldman:

    Ok, got it now.
  13. It's not easy to tell precisely, but looks to me like he's near the lane centre when the first slip happens. That pushes him out a bit, then he's in the left tyre track, and over he goes.

    I wonder though. Perhaps there wasn't a way of avoiding that first skid. Given that, was there a way of avoiding actually going over?