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roundabout ROW violation

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by A boy named Sue, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. So I was riding home from work and filtered to the front of a multi-lane roundabout queue. Looked to my right and there was a gap, wondered why the car next to me didn't go (was almost big enough for a car) and then just gassed it. Now looking ahead and to my left and a 4WD just enters the round about. I e-brake (a little BMX bandit style with the rear stepped out, but otherwise not too bad) and she (the 4WDer) sails straight through the roundabout. 4WD goes in front of me, car I went in front of goes behind and then I exit the roundabout.

    I have no idea how she didn't see me when she looked to the right when entering the round about. To be honest I'm not even sure she saw me as she went through the roundabout. At least it was all at slow speed so and I managed to stop. Need to practice more e-stops (don't we all)...

  2. Happens all the time.

    I can always (so far) judge if the numpty entering from my left is going too fast to stop in time. I've stopped mid corner of one just to watch the nob sail through!
    They only 'look' to see who they will collect this time.

    Get used to it.

  3. Never ever assume they've seen you or that they will stop.....EVER.
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  4. You forget...when you gassed it, you took off quickly. Something that cars generally don't or cannot do. Not making excuses for the 4wd, as she may not have seen you. Or she sore you back sitting with the cars, judged she could go through, and then refocused her attention to the road coming in on her left just as you took off, and she proceeded through. Timing.

    Bikes are out of sync with cars, which is what their judgement is tuned to.

    You got caught out, but that happens, and you were quick enough on the brakes. Something too many riders aren't. We give it a blast now and then, but we fail to practice the other end of that - braking. (as you suggested) :)

    Cars are not in our environment...we are in there's.
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  5. That's the truth! Great quote Raven.
  6. SMIDSY pure and simple. She was fixating entirely on the car, and her consciousness was 'filtering' you out. Like the gorilla video.
  7. I think people are a little less timid when it comes to motorcycles and pulling out in from of them in their cars. If you compared to identical situations where a driver saw a motorcycle or car coming I reckon they'd feel more inclined to chance it and pull out in front of a motorcycle.

    There are four members in my immediate family and 2 of them are horrible drivers, which means that I perceive every second driver as an idiot.
  8. Pure and simple, when you filter assume you are invisible, never assume a driver will give way. Drivers find it hard enough to see us when we are riding along normally. So if you're popping out between two cars remember that no one is looking to see if there is anything between.
  9. The reverse of this happened to me last week, coming up to major roundabout in Essendon, Keilor Rd, Mt Alex Rd, Bulla Rd, Lincoln Rd, those that know it, normally a stack a week or two. Comingout of Lincoln Rd [myself] had a 4 wd at the giveway line with me. another 4wd approaching behind the already waiting one, woman in rear, she was looking in my direction, probably checking for traffic to see is she'll make it thru, didnt look as I went thru [clear lane in front of me] I ride thru and hear 'bang' and grin to myself thinkin 'SMIDSY'
  10. I hate roundabouts
  11. I don't know how it is in NSW but in Vic the law is worded such that you give way to cars on the roundabout. Not from the right or anything like that, but on the roundabout. I'm sure many people interpret this to mean that they can move off, be on the roundabout, and then anything coming from the right has to give way to them. It's made worse when the bike accelerates faster than the assume it will and suddenly there's nowhere to go.

    anyway, well done on keeping it upright.
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  12. ^^ that's exactly it. and they're willing to platy that game with trucks because "if he hits me it's his fault, not mine"
    then there's bikes "if he hits me he'll be hurt not me"
    it's not roundabouts i hate, it's the people using them
  13. Good point. There was nobody in the left lane so she had a clear sight line, but I wasn't in the position she expected for a car to pop out.

    This roundabout is right near my work and I had passed a colleague on the way to the intersection. He had to e-brake (in a car) because a driver went straight through from the "left lane must turn left" lane. They basically just pushed in.

    It is enough to make me want to ride across a footpath 100m in the other direction where I'll be perfectly safe (physically).
  14. yeah, same here.

    I think the fact it was a BMX sized bike helped! 141kg with a 775mm seat =D>
  15. Agreed... and sigg'd
  16. I suggest you need to think more about your filtering. It is awesome but does require a different mentality then normal riding. I would dare say that if you had crashed in this situation the fault would not be entirely on the driver as you came from what could be described as an illegal position that the driver would not have expected.

    Watch every single driver that should give way to you and make sure they have given way before entering the point of no return. This sometimes involves coming to a complete stop and letting them through.
  17. Yeah. Can't argue with a ton of metal. (although I have tried to several times)
    Stopping completely is a good tactic, but is not without risk. If the guy behind takes off and is watching traffic to his right, he may run over the top of you by the time he has looked to the front again.
    No good answers...just be very watchful at roundabouts, or enjoy cranking it over if all's quiet. :)
  18. i don't filter at rounabouts. instead resist temptation.
    i tend to hide behind something bigger. tag it and follow it through.
    just too many cagers have NFI what to do when they come across a roundabout.
    it's a very confusing situation for them. i don't wish to confuse them further.
  19. Wise words MT1.
  20. Just a technicality : there's no such thing as "right of way", unless you are talking about trains.
    This has nothing to do whether others have to give way to you under certain circumstances, but legally, ROW doesn't exist.